Wednesday, December 01, 2010


So I like played last night.

First time in a few months.

I had the situation I love in poker. I was watching this one guy. He had a huge stack. He was betting out in a specific way. I kept my eye on him. I see QJ. I raise 3xBB. He calls. Flop comes with Axx nothing. He bets. I call. Turn. He bets again. I call. River. He bets AGAIN and I instacall and win with Q high nothing. He had no pair. No draw. No mas!

I loved this hand because I made a read. Went with my gut. I was entirely and totally right. I felt if he hit his hand somewhere along the line he would make slightly larger bets. I was correct. It is an amazing feeling when you can see your opponents holdings and own them. It is what I really love about poker.

Of course later on it became the worst of poker. The part I hate. I see a few donks limp before me and I sense no strength of hand at all. I look down and see A9. At this time there are 20 people left. Nine spots pay. I have a decent stack at 8K. With the blinds and the limpers I just go ahead and jam all in. I get the folds I want. Until it comes to this one donk who instacalls. He flips over KQ. He has me covered by a little with 13K in chips. If I win this hand I will be a top five stack and he will be a bottom three stack. So I have enough chips to hurt him. I have no idea how he thinks it is a good idea to snap call with KQ. I read the hand perfectly. Everyone folded except the one donk who should never have called there. The King on the flop ends my MTT for the night.

I hate that part of poker. The luck factor. The fact that a moron with ATC can make any stupid play they want and win. It is just retarded. Instead of making the correct fold with his 40% dog he just flips the lottery ticket up and fucks me out of a win. Hate that shit.

I did enjoy spewing with LJ. Her HORSE tourney was fun. I started out playing a little retarded and hitting two straight draws, one of which was a gutter. I kept a top 5 stack through most of the game. I made a crucial error against Sucko. I basically overplayed my A2 in Omatard because that fucktard was raising every hand. Unfortunately there ended up being no low and I called too many bets. Lucko's pair of twos won the side pot. Ug.

It then gets down to six players left with three paying. It is the ass raping game called Razz. I get in with A56. Another guy has three low cards. Josie is showing a 55 board. She calls all bets. Turns up K553. So she is against A569 and like A57T. The board runs down and Josie scoops the three way pot. I would have won if the retard had folded her cards. See above how I hate when retards play bingo and get lucky. So fucking sick.

Only good thing is she bubbled the game. BWAHAHAAHAHA! Take that bitch!


Blogger Josie said...

You called me a retard AND a bitch? Only one of those is true! You will pay for this in Vegas, and I ain't talking bout money.

10:29 AM

Blogger lightning36 said...

K553? Hmmm ... seems to me that you went easy on her in the rant, Waffles. : o )

11:19 AM

Blogger Bayne_S said...


word verification: crood

11:32 AM

Blogger Wolfshead said...

Online poker and you wonder how a guy willingly stacks his K-Q? Thought you played this game a lot. 9 out of 10 random players in an online MTT think that K-Q is a big enough hand to go to the wall with. Probably the second most over valued hand after A-K.

And nice loss to VJ you tard.

12:17 PM


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