Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Vegas Day One: Creature of Habit

I have been a creature of habit for every single one of these WPBT get-togethers. I always take the late flight out of Boston. Take my one carry on knapsack which I cleaned out the night before of paraphernalia from the last get together. I arrive in Vegas around 11PM. Hop onto the six dollar shuttle and head straight for the MGM grand bar.

I think drinking at the MGM on Friday night is one of my favorite parts of the entire trip. I enjoy getting there and walking through the poker room. Seeing which degens I know are hitting the HORSE and 1/2 games. Heading to the bar and giving a shout out to the people I know there. Quickly getting liquored up and spreading my unique take on life to anyone who wants to listen.

Catching up with people who I have not seen for a year is always awesome. The people who come to these gatherings are really special. I may not have told Iggy a bad beat in over a year but once I sit down at that bar next to him and start sharing drinks it is like we were never apart.

I enjoy meeting new people or making better connections with people I have met but maybe not had the chance to get into a good conversation with. I was able to share a few drinks with California April and get to know her a little better. I met Numbono AKA Numblowme and he was actually a really nice and interesting guy. I would not have expected that before I met him. MiamiDon was back in Vegas and ready to keep me out of trouble and point out the invisible hooker faeries that I can never seem to spot.

FTrain did not seem to mind me saying his fashion sense was wayyy to bad for him to be really Gay. Perhaps he was just relieved someone believed him. I had a good time talking to him and Speaker. Hopefully I was more amusing than insulting.

Josie came by a little later after laying a massive bad beat on my roomie Skiddoo. I had talked with Skiddoo a bit on IM. He is a really cool guy in person though. His bad beat story in Razz became my favorite of the weekend and I repeated it often. Poker Grump did a write up if your interested but just lets say KQ45 is NOT a good starting hand in Razz vs 2345 showing.

Her and Don were hitting it off. I think that Italian's just naturally get along or something. I guess they had some sort of Jersey shore bonding thing going on. Veneno showed up and she was looking really good. Veneno and Kat stroked my hair. Instead of my normal short cut for Vegas I just let it grow out. Both ladies were impressed by the silky softness. April from Texas was SERIOUSLY SERIOUSLY HOT! Obviously I had to tell her that. It is amazing how good she looked.

One of the funniest things of the night happened while Don and I were talking. We see this homeless guy come up. He lights a cigarette at the bar. Checks out the room. He then sees these three REALLY hot chicks sitting at a table. He strolls up to them and starts chatting them up. I was really impressed. Apparently they were freaked out as they all left in about twenty seconds. The homeless guys plan worked though. He picks up the food they left behind and starts on his free dinner. He is my hero.

After that we all cabbed it back to the IP. I was up for a few more hours until finally getting about 2 hours of sleep before the tourney.

Continued Next Post - Where I almost get kicked out of the IP sports bar and wind up sleeping with a blogger. Always put a teaser at the end so you can keep them reading.


Blogger Shrike said...

You slept with Don? Pics!


2:25 PM

Blogger Yoyo (Poker Poison) said...

Can't wait for the next part of the story. And thanks for the compliment! One correction, it was Joanna and I who were putting our fingers through your hair. In fact, it was her idea.

6:44 PM

Blogger smokkee said...

c'mon Poison, did you expect any memory retention after wawfuls' 3rd beer?

dude, kick down one of your delusional fantasies about (insert random female blogger here) or a tilt/rant about some blogger fish calling you down with blinders on.

9:32 PM


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