Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Couple More Days

Still pretty sick. Coughing. Sinus clogged. Now I think from all the coughing I have sprained my head. Some muscle in the back is so sore and it makes it hard to turn my head. FML.

I am arriving in Vegas Friday night. My normal 10:45 arrival that will probably be delayed. Hitting up MGM first Friday night.. then see what happens. Saturday is obviously the blogger tourney. I imagine I will be spending some time at the IP hooker bar downing drinks with my compadres.

Sunday the awesome AlCantHang and Fulltilt have book the sports bar. In his words

The big ticket item doesn't come until Sunday, football day. I have reserved the big room at Lagasse's Stadium in The Palazzo. Full Tilt is putting up $2,000 for the food tab throughout the day, that is a lot of tasty Emeril food to go around.

I will do my annual sucker bet parlay. I am hooked since I missed by one game the first time I played.

No other solid plans. I am staying at the IP. Peace.


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