Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Divisional Playoffs

I did pretty well last weekend going a solid 2-2 in a totally messed up weekend. Break even is good right Buffalo? I will continue my trend of ruining peoples hopes by posting my next set of picks. Here you go.

Ravens (+3) at Steelers
I like this game a lot. It is going to be some awesome smash mouth football. People are going to get beatup baby. I give the nod to the Ravens here for a couple of reasons. One of the biggest ones is that I do not think Big Ben has been playing well at all. The Steelers can win without him but with the Ravens QB playing well I like them to squeak out a win in a very good game.

Packers (+3) at Falcons
Packers. One of my good picks this weekend. I really think the Falcons have a little too much to throw at the Pack this weekend. I chose the Falcons to go to the Super Bowl earlier this year and I am going to stick with it. Another good game but Falcons take it.

Seahawks (+10) at Bears
Seahawks. Seahawks. Seahawks. Wow. Awesome job this weekend. Your cheerleader coach really did it and got you to knock of the Saints. I think the Bears win this game but I hate that spread. Way to high for a suckass team that got spanked like 40-3 by the Patriots. I see the Bears winning this but not covering 10 points. Look for a close one of 3-6 points.

Jets (+9) at Patriots
Jest! Jest! Jest! Holy fuck. Can that fat pervert Rex Ryan shut his yap ever? Really Brady is a scrub because he went to a play instead of watching every second of the fucking Indy game. I mean seriously? I hope you really believe that he is not scrutinizing every fucking second of that game on tape this week. Were you really whining that you can call Brady a slacker because he kicked your ass on the field for a zillion points? Your like a fucking bad frat boy movie. Stick to sucking your old bitches toes and watch a real football team with a good coach show you how it is done this weekend. Jets are going to get SLAUGHTERED this weekend. Put the house on it people.

So there is goes. The expert picks of the cooler. Use them. Abuse them. Do what you need. Feel free to share any stories about your using these picks after the games this weekend. I would love to hear some feedback even if it is "Lightning: FU WAFFLES! I Can not believe the Bears are out of the Playoffs!!". Peace.


Blogger lightning36 said...

Even the might Waffles cooler powers will not help the Seahawks.

7:55 AM

Blogger Schaubs said...

Fade waffles and still break even!

9:00 AM

Blogger Buffalo66 said...

You're going to have to snap out of that "break even" mindset if you want to win your 10k this year.

You got one thing right... the Ravens/Steelers game will be a battle royale.

11:55 AM

Blogger lightning36 said...

"Jets are going to get SLAUGHTERED this weekend. Put the house on it people."

I hope people were fading Waffles ...

9:21 PM


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