Monday, February 14, 2011


I know I have shared this story before but since I am writing a piece on technology for the Tao of Fear I figured I would write it again. It is possible some of you have never heard this story also. This is republished from the original 2004 posting describing many of the things that made me the crazy person I am today.

:::: flashback sound effects ::::

The second reason I loved school was my arch enemy. We both were really good students and enjoyed hacking the schools DEC. He was a night school student and I ruled the day. One evening he noticed my tampering and changed my password on the DEC. I could not stand for that! The nice thing about the DEC is the operating system was all interpreted. I.E. You could rewrite it! Bahahaha! So of course I had several back doors at that time and quickly got in and kicked him out. After a few weeks of messing with each other the sysadmin (I.E. My Teacher) kicks both of us out and restores the OS from tape. Thus is formed the Triad of Evil! We joined forces with another friend of mine and spent a whole night hacking the teachers password. What could it be? School name. Girlfriend. Machine name. Nope. It was hot blondes. We caught that one last because we remembered he liked blondes and were getting desperate. We are now hyped on caffeine and pissed as hell that he would lock us out of OUR system. So we patch the OS again and kicked our teacher out of the system. It was our greatest triumph!

I came in the next day and the principle of the school is asking me why nobody can get into the system. It turns out that one of the triad decided it would be fun to lock everyone out instead of just out teacher. I put on my best Poker face, which is not very good, and say “I am not sure what happened but I could probably help you out”. He gets very angry and threatening and accusatory and I repeat my denial. He finally asks me nicely if I could help him out. I give everyone back access to the system and all is well. Now this principal is very smart. Instead of trying to blame us or expel people he decided if you cannot beat them you have to join them. The Triad of Evil goes legit and become the new sysadmins.

:::: end flashback sound effects ::::


Blogger Schaubs said...

weak brag!

8:26 AM

Blogger RotoDiem said...

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8:40 AM

Blogger KenP said...

Sherman, set the Waybak machine for the 1980's where we meet a philosopher of note.

Then we will set it for 2011 to see if he gets out of the closed loop.

OK, Mr. Peabody.

10:16 AM

Blogger Memphis MOJO said...

Cool story.

11:23 AM


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