Monday, February 14, 2011


Everything is proceeding in a pretty undramatic fashion right now. Nothing really exciting going on. Took the Au Pair the the train station this weekend so she could go in town and fuck someone who is not me. Damn she has big tits for a 5"10 blonde chick. I am liking our choice so far.

I am probably going to play some poker tonight. I am planning on a 100+9 PLO or PLO8 SNG. Swing for the fences baby! Only way to knock Bayne down and win the bet.

Toe is feeling much better. I never went to the doctor. The bruising and swelling just went wayyyyy down on the third day. It is still black and blue and somewhat bloody and a little tender but I am pretty sure it is not broken. Just to be safe I am taping my toes still.

I did make a foul shot in Basketball this weekend so the toe can not be that bad. We were at my son's game and my daughter was trying to shoot baskets. All 4 foot nothing of her. I think she is 4 feet. So she was getting frustrated and said "Ok, show me how it's done dad". So I take the ball. No warmup. Nothing. Go to the foul line. Perfect form. SWOOOOOSH! Nothing but net baby! Waffles can shoot. Waffles can score. Ahh yeah.

Been playing a bunch of Warcraft lately. Getting my kitty some Arena points and working up my guild achievements. I am so anti-social that all of the members of my guild are my alts. I am in a guild of just me. It is a level two guild too. Think about that. It is almost level three. Now if I can only find someone who is willing to farm critters for me. I was offering 100 gold per 1000 kills. A tunnel in the Western Plaguelands gives like 300 gold per pass.. so 30 gold for like 3 minutes of wasted time... 10K gold for the full 100,000 kill achievement. Seems like a good deal to me.

Currently reading the second book in the Coldfire trillogy:When True Night Falls. It is a pretty interesting series that mixes a modern technological society that gets stranded on a planet where you very dreams are turned into nightmares that can kill you. It takes a very different approach to sorcery and is interesting in the way it deals with things like that. I think it is well worth a read. It is my first C.S. Friedman series but he is a very popular writer who I think mostly wrote in the olden days like Heinlein or something. Alright I just looked it up and it's the 90's so not THAT old.

Saw an episode of Old Lady with a Stick Up Her Ass Yells at Stupid High School Dropouts also known as Tabatha's Salon Takeover. That show cracked me up. I mean the fat fuck high school drop out is like "I am a hair stylist it is not my job to pick up the place". The fuck it isn't you lazy piece of shit! I actually yelled that at the screen. Damn these idiots were taking advantage of their boss. Peace.


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