Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Dank

I can not see myself playing this game ever again. Well at least for a while. I enjoyed the Survivor Donkey Island thing enough to play a few but lets review the outcomes.

Game 1: Skiddoo 2 outs me (hand 1)
Game 2: Someone Runner Runner Flushes my Set (hand 5, I am improving)
Game 3: I Donk the fuck out, hey, everyone has an off day
Game 4: I bubbled one didn't I?
Game 5: Skiddoo 1 outs me at the final table

Not very sure where the +EV in this game is for me. Just sick sick sick fucking sick crap. The tourney is named appropriately the Dank. It smells like Dank, smelly, farts. I mean fucking like 1% outs in 3 of the games I played. Ridiculous. If I even ran close to EV in these games I would be about 600 bucks richer right now. Fucking retards.


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