Friday, March 25, 2011

Bad Boys

Exciting night last night. First off I am driving my daughter back from Walgreens. She has a little tendinitis in her elbow from lacrosse practice. She is also a drama queen so of course she needs a sling. We settled on an arm support because the sling was way too big for an eight year old and this looked better.

I stop at the intersection. A train comes. The alternate light turns green. Train passes. My light turns green. I pull into the intersection. My light turns yellow then red. I assume the other side is red also so inch forward but it is green! oops. Anyways, I wait and a cop lets me get in front of him. I go down the street for a block or so and he is pulling me over. Driving while White I tell ya!

He says that I went through a red light. He could not look me straight in the eyes when he said this though. I honestly think he pulled me over because I glanced in my mirror at him. Fucktard. He "let me off" with a warning. Obviously he could not have seen my light at all and could not possibly have any idea if I went through a red light or a green light. So he was just fucking hassling me.

Somehow after this my daughter and I get into a strange conversation that went something like this.

Her: A guy can have a baby.
Me: no
Her: Yes. If a man and a man love each other then they can have a baby out the butt.
Me: No. If two men love each other then they would have to ask one of the guys women friends to get pregnant and give them the baby.
Her: No. Babies can come from mens butts.

We finally get home and since I have not convinced her she walks up to my wife and says "Mom, I told dad if a man and a man love each other they can have a baby out the butt but he said they need to have a woman friend to get pregnant and give them the baby. Dad is wrong, right mom?"

Apparently I was very wrong to tell her this. The Wife was kind of pissed off. Although it was hard to tell between the bouts of hysterical laughter from everyone in the room. I personally never like to lie to the kids. So if they ask me a question I will tell them the answer. The wife prefers that I stop doing this. I also mentioned that if a baby was in a mans tummy he would die from the acid which led to a nice round of fat bastard imitations. "GETTT IN MY TUMMMY!". Our Scottish Au Pair seemed amused.

Poker last night was interesting. I signed on for a quick SNG and The Poker Enthusiast AKA Fastpitch was signed up for a 5.50 PLO8 tourney. I was seated with SmBoatDrinks. He basically bubbled out. I was in good shape at the bubble and made it to the final table. I then did something I rarely do.. I played way too loose and aggressive on the final table and ended up going out first. I really feel if I get to the money at the final table I am a shoe in for a 4-5th place finish at worse. I just lost my concentration and got a little impatient trying to force things and blew a good opportunity. Still I guess a cash is a cash.

The question yesterday was not a whine. I do not necessarily mind going out on the bubble. I just need to figure out if it is for a good reason or am I overplaying some hands where I should be more cautious. I suppose the math guys are all like "well if you were 50.01% favorite in the hand then you did the right thing".. I like to look at things a little deeper. Peace.


Blogger DrChako said...

Tell kids the truth as much and as often as possible.


6:57 AM

Blogger KenP said...

Just pray that the Au Pair doesn't get a book deal.

8:14 AM

Blogger VinNay said...

I think the Au Pair should start a blog. I'd love a 3rdp arty view on the Waffles Household.

2:49 PM

Blogger The Wife said...

Babies coming out mens butts is simultaneously horrifying, and very funny. Great convo with kids!

1:02 AM


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