Friday, March 18, 2011

Sleep is -EV

I played one SNG. Basically got 2-outted when I raised in EP with JJ and a guy with tens called and binked his ten on the flop. I did not have enough chips to wait after that. So in late position I jammed my last 700 chips with T7 diamonds. A guy with like 2k chips instantly calls with Aces.. BLAHAHAHA no I am just kidding, he had QJ s00ted. Unfortunately it was diamonds like me because the flop came Axx all diamond. One of the worst instant calls I have seen in a while.

I then went upstairs and pumped out my 50 pushups. I did my ten flights of stairs earlier in the day. At the end of the fifty I could not move my arms so I fell on the floor and that is where I woke up this morning. I had wanted to play another SNG and own some bitches but whateva.

New post on Tao of Fear. Angry Birds. I am back from my little vacation in the padded room. Peace.


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