Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Cashed Again

Played SmBoats 10-game again. Was frustrating at the beginning. I had Mutchim and Wolfshead beaten and both of them called a decent amount on the turn and BOTH of them outdrew me on the river. Wolf with a shitty 6 hi flush draw and OESD. Mutchim with a gutterballer. After calling them both @#*^&$*(&@*($# morons and resigning myself to going out first I settled down and just called Wolf Joe C all night. He was hitting like a motherfucker. I mean he would jam in Kings and hit against Aces.. He would draw 5 in 27 and make a 23457 against another persons 1 card draw of 76432. It was sick. Now I am not saying he played badly all the time. The call with the Kings was totally standard. It was certainly frustrating though.

Finally my savior Joe C came through and put the curse on everyone. She first told Boats brother how much she loved him and he was going to win blah blah I never listen when women talk. ;). Anyway he went down in flame from first to worst. She then told the traitor Mutchim how he came through for her and he is the best and he is going to win blah blah blah (see above).. and he gets the ugliest cooler in the history of the world. This allows me to squeak into the paying position and go heads up with Wolf.

Wolf was card racking like it was his job. It was sick. I even sucked out hard on him with A7 vs A9 AIPF. He called my jam. Heads up this is pretty standard. Although if I was to play him again I think I would use a different strategy. Everytime I had a good hand he had a better one. It was sick. Finally I shove 55 hoping for a race and he shows up with Jacks. It was pretty sick but I was happy to have finished in the money. I should have known I was doomed when Joe C said "You're not going to let Wolf win are you Waffles?".

As a side note.. if you all change your links to Joe C I bet we could get a much higher Google rating for it. We had her at the first page of search results for "oompa loompa goombah" for a while... Just saying.

Oh yeah and if this girl in school keeps bothering my daughter my TODO list might start looking like: Black Van, Duct Tape, Cattle Prod. Peace.


Blogger lightning36 said...

Are we soon to see you on YouTube like the parents who get on busses and yell at the neighborhood d-bag bullies? If only they would get medals instead of being arrested ...

7:24 AM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

I would like to think I am smarter than that. I would like to think.

8:10 AM

Blogger Gary said...

you forgot "can of ether." Amateur.

8:44 AM

Blogger Josie said...

I'm your savior alright. You only cashed cuz I insisted on it.

I'll soon be insisting you win your bet with Bayne!

9:33 AM

Blogger Wolfshead said...

Let's get a few things straight here son. One, yes the flush draw was light but I also had the oesd you mentioned and a possible boat for 24 outs. Now maybe someone has a better flush draw but in 3 handed who knows and if you won't draw to 24 outs in PLO then you deserve to lose. As for drawing 5 cards in any lo ball game it never happened. I usually don't play if I have to draw more than two unless I get in cheap.

That's not to say I wasn't a rack last nite. Yes, I sucked out a K when it was aces vs kings and yes I did hit a miracle two card in one of the low ball games to give me the near nuts and yes I even caught the nuts in 2-7 single when muhctim had second nuts. All true but one of the reasons you can look like a rack in draw games is that you don't draw to hands that suck in the first place.

10:20 AM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

LOL. gg? HA! Nah, really.. I think you played well.. card racking is frustrating to the others at the table. LOL.

10:23 AM

Blogger Wolfshead said...

Ain't it tho. It's rare when it happens in this direction so I always enjoy the hell out of it when it does.

10:54 AM


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