Monday, April 04, 2011

Quick Update

I seem to continue to do well in the Off Holdem games. My biggest latest scores have been in PLO8, 10-Game, and now 27 NL Tripple Draw. Um yeah. I am surprised too. The Holdem games keep being break even and consist mostly of SNGs. I am however growing the bankroll slowly. No Dank games should help a lot. I am going to play SmBoat's 10-game this Tuesday though. I enjoy it a lot and I have bubbled and won it in my first two tries. I may even have to start in on the Thursday PLO8 game.

Congratz to Josie for winning Survivor Donkey Island. Even though she messed up in a few places her opponents messed up a hell of a lot more. We really should be crowning Mutchim here because he had the chance to eliminate Josie but he messed up. On top of that he then pisses her off. No knob rubbing for you! So basically he double strikes out on all his chances.... except... maybe he saved himself by a last minute tie breaking vote for Josie at the end.

I continue to exercise and lose next to nothing in weight. Still tipping the scales at 184.. down from 187 possibly.. I am still pretty early on though in week 4 of the Couch to 5K running plan.

I am also doing the 100 pushup plan. I am up to 66 pushups in a session. However I failed week 4 day 2. I did come close doing all but the last 6 pushups required. That would have put me over the 72 mark. This program ramps up so fast and is not as well designed as the running one. However my pecks are getting nice and big. I can barely keep my hands off myself. I may skip this Tuesday and let my muscles repair themselves then start week 4 over on Thursday.

All this exercise must also be creating massive waves of testosterone in my system as I had a wet dream last night. It was really odd. I do not that that has happened in a few years. I mean I still can come like 10 times a day but wet dreams are for sixteen year olds, right? It was a pretty weird dream too.. this chick was sucking my cock.. but not like a normal blowjob. I think she was doing it wrong. She just took like one big breath and then sucked like she was going to pop the top off. Just before the head exploded I woke up soaking wet. Weird.

Ah well.. I am tired as shit too. All this exercise is killing me. It can not be good for you. Peace.


Blogger OhCaptain said...

I've been doing a lot of working out too and was really getting frustrated I wasn't losing weight. Went and had an official analysis done of my try % body fat. Turns out all this working out was putting on muscle. Explained why my pants were getting bigger and my weight was staying roughly the same.


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