Friday, June 17, 2011

Pain and Bruins

Wow. Worst run ever Wednesday. My legs had been feeling a little tired and sore after the sprints on Monday. I knew Wednesday was going to be bad. I get over the bridge and my legs turn to spaghetti. It felt like my right leg and knee just did not want to support my body. Killer. It was at like 15 minutes into the run. I told myself to keep going unless I felt some serious pain. I kept moving and finished my 30 but felt like I could not even take another step at the end. When I stop my legs always feel painful but it was pretty bad after this run. Normally I have to walk it off. This time I was kind of hobbling it off. I even sat down for a few minutes... but that probably just made me feel stiffer. I am going to take today off to give myself more of a rest and see if I can do something for my legs.

Bruins kicked ass though! It was awesome! I remember watching games with my dad as a little kid. I think he was more of a Canadians fan.. but the Bruins were his second, adopted team. They were not able to win before he died at an early age... but finally they pulled through and did it. Sweet!


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