Thursday, May 26, 2011


So my running has been up and down. I was sick Monday so I skipped that day. My run on Friday was pretty good. I pushed it up to 40 minutes from my normal 30. Felt really good for most of the run.

Wednesdays run was meh. I felt winded after the first 10-15 minutes. I finished out the run. Slowed down as usual at the end. I ended up running kind of far towards Brookline, ending up on the BU campus after crossing the bridge.. so my walk back to the Hancock was tiring. I noticed my fingers were really swollen too. Weird. It felt like little fat sausages in a tight skin. My fingers are usually thin and supple. Not sure if I got a little dehydrated in the good weather or what.

I really need to get a new focus for my runs. Moving from the track to the Charles was a good change. It at least gives me a little better scenery. Since I have finished the Couch to 5k though I am kind of aimless.

I was reading an article with 63 suggestions to "Shake up" your run. I knew a bunch of the items and had fun reading about some others. The one thing I think I may add to my routine is Parkour training. It is like fucking being a Ninja! You should check out the beginner site here. It is pretty cool to see those guys do all those wacked moves. The ninja scaling of the parking structure is pretty cool too.

I had been doing like 70 pushups every other day. I think I will expand it out and do the Parkour exercises:

10 squats (building up to plyometric box jumps)
10 push-ups
10 leg lifts on your back with both legs
10 pull-ups

Start out with two sets of each exercise. Each week, add 1-2 reps to each exercise (2×12, 2×14, 2×15, etc.). After doubling the reps for each exercise (2×20), add another full set to your workout (3×20; you may have to temporarily reduce reps on that final set back down to 10 or less). When you can do 4×20, perform each rep a little faster, more explosively, to get in a more plyometric and aerobic workout. Eventually it ends up with 5x20 sets.

Should be kind of interesting and the core exercises should help my running. I am going to start doing this tonight and see how it goes. It should at least be fun. I may also add in a 4th running day where I just do sprints.

The last change I want to add is doing more heart zone training with the special watches. Basically you figure out what your heart rate should be while training and then you keep in that zone for different periods. The watches today can track your heart rate, elevation, location, speed, and all kinds of cool things. I will probably invest in one this weekend. They are actually pretty cheap. If you do not care about keeping the watch small and stylish you can get one for like 100 bucks. Peace.


Blogger Shelly said...

I've been slacking baaaad since the 25K a couple weeks ago. I wrote out a new training plan to take me through the summer. Starts next week when I get home from the holiday weekend. Gonna focus on increasing my 5K speed, with hopes of breaking a 30:00 5K at a race in VA in September. I totally need goals too. Now that weight loss isn't really a goal (well, I've got like 10 pounds left to lose, but I'm in no rush), I'm just kinda floundering. Here's to finding reasons to keep it up, my fellow road warrior!! :-D

9:57 AM

Blogger Unknown said...

Enter a race. Even I need that to keep me focused. Enter something that will push you or develop a goal for that race that will do the same. It keeps you accountable. Plus we all have shitty days and great days while running. If I knew why I'd be a guru and make a million. Plus I'd be a better runner.

10:22 AM


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