Friday, May 27, 2011

Arble Smorkie

4:35 - Time to run. It is motherfucking 85 degrees or more out. Smoggy skies. I know this is going to suck before I even start.

4:45 - Finished walking down to the river. Already feel my lips dry. This is so going to suck. Remind myself to take it easy. Start running on the mid part of the bridge.

4:46 OMFG what the hell am I doing.

4:56 - Glance at watch. Six minutes into run. Lungs burn. Can not breath well. Heart hammering. Slow run. Trying to catch breath. Decide since I am only six minutes into my run and half dead I probably should cut it off at 20 minutes.

5:00 - Finally hit the park. Not deep into it though. Going to turn around. Fuck it. Only ten minutes. Will end run at 20 minutes.

5:15 - slow. slow. pain creeping into legs. gut hurts a little. least I can almost breath again as long as I keep slow. slow slow.

5:20 - back to the bridge. Only five minutes left till I hit 30 minute run. might as well keep it going.

5:25 - Hit the starting bridge. Did it. 30 minutes in. Take a step up the ramp. So tired. Put head down on railing. ooh bad idea. Start walking back to building.

5:26 - Why do I keep peeing myself after my runs?

5:27 - OMFG. Hurt. Pain. Tired. Need water. Fuck.

5:28 - Wtf is this peeing myself?

5:30 - Here comes a hot chick. Hope she likes my manly pee.

5:31 - Finally realized I must have had a mini stroke because I thought I ran 6 minutes when I had run 11.. at least that made going 30 minutes easier..

5:32 - Almost back. Dying. Why can these people not see I am dying. Going to beg an ice cube off a homeless guy. No! I can make it!

5:34 - back to building. Escalator or stairs. fuck it! Stairs. I am stubborn. I could really use Kat's crutches.

5:35 - Top of the stairs. Wow pretty clouds in front of eyes. Black. red. pretty. boo boo. wheee.

5:36 - WTF! PEE!

5:37 - Riding up elevator. Omfg. Elevator stop moving my blood around. Bad elevator!

5:38 - back to office. Does anyone know I peed myself? Probably not.

5:39 - Dousing self in sink. Oh god that feels good. Time to dry off. No fucking paper towels! What the fuck! FML!

5:45 - Finishing Gatorade. Feeling better. I fucking hate running.

5:46 - Thinking of doing some sprints this weekend.

5:56 - Peace.


Blogger KenP said...

Time flies when you're having fun.

And don't forget,

A stitch in time ...

probably is a precursor to a heart attack.

4:58 PM

Blogger Unknown said...

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4:34 AM

Blogger #19 said...

that seems like a lot of pain for just a run :\

7:41 PM


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