Monday, September 19, 2011


First off the football picks. Did pretty well. Went 12 for 15 with one game left tonight. Josie also did well.. just not as well.. She is BEHIND me by 7 points. Funny enough we both have points on the Giant's. I have one and she has 8... so if the Giants win we are dead even... if not then I keep my lead. I love having a little something on every game. It makes it so much more interesting. I also enjoyed watching the Red Zone as long as my team was not on the main channel... then it was annoying that I missed my teams plays. I would have had a commanding lead on Josie if the Eagles did not blow it in the end. Friggen choke artists. Shows me not to bet high on those loser. Actually the Eagles are my adopted team since my son loves them.

We went and saw a nice family movie this weekend with my mom, the wife, and the kids. It was called Buck. It is about a guy who is like the horse whisperer. He basically trains horses by gentle means and by listening to their body language and using the incredible senses the horse has to make them do some incredible things.

The guy himself came from a family where his dad whipped him so bad his back was full of scars. One day the coach of his team made him get a shower after practice and saw all the criss-cross of scars on him. So he was taken away from his father and raised by a couple who should be on Horders: Kid edition. These people adopted like 24 kids and then made them slave labor on their farm.

Actually it turned out well and the kid Buck grew up and learned about horses. He found he did not like the abusive ways horses were trained and was able to learn the new style from his horse sensei.

We were riding back in the car and my wife makes some comment about how I should get past my childhood and make something of my life or something like that. So being the asshole I am I grin and say "I wish I had a nice foster family like Buck". Man did that get a reaction. My mom and wife were like soooo pissed off. They said I have no decency. Hilarious. Of course that led into a fight about what a bitch my wife is to everyone... but she is always right and everyone else is wrong. When she tells someone something it is just to encourage them to do better not to put them down. *sigh*.

Later that night we got some bad news. Our new Au Pair decided to quit without any notice. She did this after she went out with this girl in Winchester. I get the feeling that she preferred a McMansion with a sauna to our humble home. I have heard a ton of horror stories about the McMansion people. I really hope she gets what she deserves.

If it was up to me I would have thrown her ass out that night. Giving a fucking two days notice on a Sunday is ridiculous and has put is in a very bad spot. Her stuff would have been out on the curb last night and she could fucking walk to Winchester for all I cared. The wife is too nice to let me do that though. Spoils all my fun. At least this morning I took her off the router. Let's see how much fun she has without a computer. Bitch. Peace.


Blogger lightning36 said...

Two days notice? Bitch. That shows a total lack of respect for employers, not to mention putting any family in a bad situation.

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