Friday, October 21, 2011

Sometimes I Remember..

As I start to try and engage in my life at home again I start to remember why it was so much easier to just sink into myself and give it up. Here are some examples of the shit I have had to dead with this week. I assume I deserve it because I am being helpful or something.

Over the weekend the kids were being stupid. As far as I can tell my son and daughter decided it would be a bright idea to have a stick fight. The daughter denies this was a "game" but I think I believe the boy. Inevitably the girl comes in with her head bleeding. The boy made up some story but later came clean and admitted what he did. Which in some weird way makes me feel better about him since he has some sense of decency even if it takes a little while for it to kick in and overcome his fear of punishment.

The wife was a little annoyed about this. The next day she was picking him up from football practice. She decided to take my daughter along. During the car ride my daughter starts tattling about how my son made prank calls to another kid. She is blabbing it out and trying to embarrass my son in front of his friends. He asks the wife to make her shut up but the wife is not paying attention as she is driving and all the kids are making noise. So he makes a bad decision and smacks my daughter across the face with a mask.

The wife drops the other kids off and parks in our driving lot. She then turns to him and slaps him across the face as hard as she can. Apparently the way you teach kids not to be violent is to be violent with them.

She then proceeds to tell my daughter that it was her fault she got slapped because she provoked my son. Now we all know I am contemplating women's rights being a bunch of bullshit but I think if you tell a young girl it is her fault she is getting hit she grows up to be an abused wife. I can not think of a worse thing to say. Perhaps I am overreacting? I quickly told my daughter that it was NOT her fault. It is all on my son. There is never a time a man should use violence to make his point to a woman.

The son decides he wants to stay in his room for a while. He is still crying from the shock of the slap. The wife then decides it is a great idea to go in his room and talk to him and try and get him to come out. I had enough at that point so I went in his room. I said "Do you want your mom here?" he shook his head no from under his pillow.. so I told her to leave him alone. Miracle of miracles she actually listened for once.

Last night the boy comes into the living room and asks if I want to play Madden 2012. I say I am tired and can not play tonight. I will play this weekend though. Immediately from the kitchen this rant starts coming. My wife is all like "blah blah blah I cook and clean and do everything around here and never get to watch my shows your not playing Madden screw you all I am watching what I want to watch".. this huge, loud, screaming insane rant worthy of Waffles.

I quietly tell her that it is rude to cut into peoples conversations especially from the other room. I only did this because she is always chastising the kids about breaking into her conversations. I also told her that if she ease dropped on the conversation properly should would know that we were not going to play Madden and her outburst was totally unnecessary.

She then proceeds to tell me how I jump into all her conversations and do everything wrong. I was a little curious as to what this had to do with the current conversation but insane people do not keep to the subject.

We had some conversations about not getting a new Au Pair. I think that the morning schedule is working fine. I get my son ready. I get my daughter ready. Everyone gets to school on time. No major issues.

To be fair I have had a snafu or two. I was sick for a week with a nasty cold and was not very helpful. I also let my daughter go to school soaking wet one day. She said the nurse had a change of clothes for her so I logically said "1 wet girl + change of clothes = everything is fine". I may have done the math slightly wrong. It was not my fault the SUV drenched her dammit!

For the most part things have been going great. The only times my daughter has been late to school is when she has convinced my wife to take her. It is entirely ridiculous that she ever do this because she tells me all the time she has to be on time for work. So she ends up making my daughter AND herself late. My wife is incapable of ever being on time for anything and it is always because of someone else.

Since I suck in the morning as you can see above and she is always late to work because of me she had a woman (who has watched the kids before) come over in the morning. I told her it was unacceptable. The worse part was I had everything mostly done by then anyways.

She was getting ready to head off to work and she yells down to ask if I had dried the towels yet. I yell back up "No, I have not but I will do it before I go to work." She then starts yelling stuff about not having time to do the towels, she has to get to work, blah blah blah.

I tell her that I answered her question and if she would come down here maybe she could hear what I said. She then starts yelling "blah blah blah Why should I come down there? Why don't you come up here?". Hello? Listen bitch. First off your the one who wants to ask me something and are too deaf to hear what I am saying. If you want to hear the fucking answer get your ass over here. Obviously I bit my tongue and did not say this. She finally comes down and I explain to her that I said I would take care of the towels before I left for work. I think she said "Well, why didn't you say that in the first place".

I am getting ready to leave for work and she says "You have to get home by 6 so I can go out.. is that alright?". Now normally I am a loser with no plans but I had tentative plans to go out and get sloshed with some work buddies. So I said "No, I can not do that".

She immediately accuses me of trying to get back at her for having the lady come over in the morning. You just want revenge. blah blah blah blah. First off bitch if I take revenge believe me that is not going to be it. Secondly why can't you fucking ask me earlier in the week if you need me to do you a favor? Finally why is it alright for you to have plans but not me. Go fuck yourself.

My friend at work decided he wanted to get blown by some chick instead so our plans got cancelled. Being the reasonable person I am I called her and let her know I could be home for 6. You think I get a thank you or anything? Fuck no. Fucking cunt.

The past few weeks I have felt really good mentally. Like I can make some motion and cause things to happen in my life. With all this bullshit I am just that much more motivated. I am going to shake things up this weekend. Peace.


Blogger Jordan said...

When I read a post like this, it just blows my mind. I understand why you are stuck in this world of misery, but it just seems so utterly shitty. So, that leads me to this question:

Was your wife always like this? Did you know she was this way when you got married? Was there a happy time in the relationship?

Just curious.

10:36 AM


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