Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Here is a Good Question

How do you sell stuff?

I mean it seems like it would be simple. Just go onto craigs list or something and write a few words and *boom* sold, right? I just am not good at this stuff. Here are some examples.

Kids Kitchen Set. It is good quality plastic, few years old, has 3 sections with a oven and microwave. Kid barely played with it but it's been sitting in her room for ages. Has all the pieces like food and stuff. Just for sake of argument lets say it is this model. It is not but lets just say it is for argument sake. How would you sell something like this? Would it sell? Is it just junk?

How about electronics like Microwaves? I think those might just be garbage that everyone dumps for like 20 bucks. Are there better options?

What about furniture like kids stuff like stacking chairs, or even like Sofa seats or couch parts.

How about large amounts of science fiction. I got goddamn books all over my room! SELL SELL!

How do you go about selling shit like this? How do you price it? Where do you list it? Does it cost a lot to advertise? How does selling work? I am very fascinated about this subject but I think I suck at it. Peace.


Blogger KenP said...

Look up resale shops in a nearby area. There are consignment shop listing in the yellow pages. They get a cut when it sells. They should be able to suggest quick sell pricing.

8:42 AM

Blogger VinNay said...

Just post on craigslist almost exactly what you wrote.

"Kids Kitchen Set. It is good quality plastic, few years old, has 3 sections with a oven and microwave. Kid barely played with it but it's been sitting in her room for ages. Has all the pieces like food and stuff."

Include a picture. Price it to sell. if the original cost was $169.00, list it for $75 or best offer.

Electronics like microwaves, dvd players, etc, can be bought new for real cheap, so I don't see any value in trying to sell them.

If you just want to move merch fast (like stacking chiars, etc) - if they are in good/newish condition, list for 1/4 original price.

8:57 AM

Blogger John said...

if something doesn't seem worth the effort of selling via craigslist, and nobody we know would appreciate it, we donate it to either the big brothers/sisters assocation or vietnam vets association. they schedule pickups about once a month, we just bag the stuff (clothes usually, sometimes books and small furniture) and leave it on our doorstep. they take it, and probably sell it for cash for their organizations. we document it all as charitable donations on our taxes.

12:47 PM

Blogger Jordan said...

Use EBay for the books. This way, you can do it all electronically and never have to leave your house, except for when you are mailing the books out. Since they are books, you can mail them via Media Mail (you can print out the label with postage paid online via ebay) and cap your shipping costs. I've sold videogames via Ebay and I was surprised that some old games got me $20+, after shipping expenses.

2:01 PM

Blogger Wolfshead said...

You can try Ebay for the books but they are getting frikkin expensive with their cut anymore and remember you still pay fees just for listing so you might want to do longer auctions or even Buy It Now type listings to keep them out there and keep from paying fees for relisting. I used to sell a lot of stuff on ebay at one time including books but got away from it.

Don't know about Craig's list, never used it but for stuff that you don't think will sell but is in good working condition and you don't want to trash you should check with places like Goodwill or Salvation Armmy or other local charities. Also see if there is a Freecycle group near you. People list stuff for others to take or you can look see if there is anything you might want. It's not selling tho, as the name says, Free, which means you are giving it away. Hey, if the shyt works why dump it in a landfill? I got a 36 in CRT TV listed right now. Need to get that monster out of my den

Good Luck

4:09 PM


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