Monday, April 02, 2012

Mom Sucks

My mother has some kind of brain damage. She wanted my sister to come down to my house. The wife said it was fine however the new and improved me said no fucking way. She want her to come down so we can all have Easter Dinner at my house but I vetoed it.

My sister is the kind of person who you invite over your house and she finds a credit card slip you left out and next thing you know there are three thousand in charges on you card.

My mom asked why she could not come over. As if taking a receipt from a Christmas gift I gave and using it to rack up charges on my credit card was not enough. "But what has she done recently?". Oh you mean like getting cable in my name and me having to deal with that shit? "How long ago was that?". Oh just a few months ago. "Oh really? Well can't you just hide everything and let her come over". Jesus Christ mom! "She will not get to see the kids". I kind of lost it here and I was like "I think the kids would be better off NEVER seeing her again! She is a piece of shit!

So kids that is how I spend my days. Angry asshole wife living in fantasy land and dumbass mother. Peace.


Blogger lightning36 said...

It is easy to see that much of the anger you hold within yourself (and occasionally spew in fantastic blowups) is certainly justifiable. You have always impressed me as a concrete thinker with pretty good common sense. Were you adopted? Perhaps you were at school when some nuclear radiation fallout destroyed the brains of your other family members?

Keep on plugging away at forging a decent life for yourself. One of these days you will get there.

2:23 PM


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