Monday, April 02, 2012

Old Man

I forgot I wanted to write about buying things. I basically never buy anything. I had to go against this tradition this weekend. I was getting ready to go out and sat down to put my shoes on and heard this RIIIIIIIIIIPP. I may have told you this already. My jeans were kinda old but sooo comfy.

I went out and got three new pairs. A whole three when I usually buy like one. I tried out the relaxed fit first. I really like those. I then tried the regular fit. I do not like them as much. The pants seem tight in the legs and ride kinda high in the waist.

The other thing that pisses me off. I did not wash them before using them. Apparently they have some kind of scouring agent in the pockets or something because everything I put in my pockets feels like it has been sandblasted? I mean wtf? When did they start doing shit like that?

See why I do not try new things. Peace.


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