Friday, May 18, 2012

Growing Up

The kid asks me today "How do I slow dance?".. So I told him, grab her close, put your hand down as far as she will let you, and grind into her. No? I tried to explain that it is kind of like just holding onto someone and shifting aimlessly like a mental patient at that age but he was not buying it. He says "Dad! We do not dance like that anymore!". So I told him to watch the other kids then copy them. Do not do the disco spin I did! Once you turn away she will run away! WARNING! WARNING WILL ROBBINSON! Fuck that bitch I look good in Velour.

My daughter was willing to help him learn but she is only eight and knows nothing according to him.So my daughter showed me how to slow dance. I corrected her misinformation. I told her "The boy stands here... and you stand WAYYYYY over there!". She was not buying this.

Last night was kind of a clusterfuck. Wife was going away to Canada for the weekend. I figure the weekend means Fri-Sun.. of course she had plans to leave on Thursday night... which she never mentioned to me. Sooo I wander in around 9:00 and the sitter is wondering why I am freaking 3 hours late! Not good.

The boy was up and we saw Borat was on TV... so we started watching it. Could not stop laughing at the fight scene in the hotel. Funny shit. Pretty cool when he tried to put Pamela Anderson in a bag too. He wants to see the dictator but I am pretty sure there will be nudity. Does not seem too bad. His mother may kill me though.

I am Mr. Mom all weekend now. Should be fun. Peace.


Blogger Josie said...

Youtube for how to slow dance.

9:27 AM

Blogger Bayne_S said...

My weekends in Las Vegas usually start Thursday night.

10:50 AM


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