Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I Now Understand

I can now actually understand why new fangled roller coasters have warnings for people with blood pressure issue and heart attacks. Holy fuck those roller coasters were crazy. I brought the boy to Six Flags this weekend. We had a good time. The first one we tried out was Superman.. except superman was taken over by Bizzaro Superman. The comic you read while in line was interesting but did not finish the whole story.

The bad part about the ride is the wait was over an hour. It was pretty bad. The ride itself was awesome though. You went up like 20 stories (actual height is 208-feet) I swear! I mean the thing starts up.. and I am like.. alright were almost at the top.. then more up... ok.. this must be it.. then MORE up... then STRAIGHT DOWN! OMG! I swear we were nose diving straight down. This thing curved all around and went underground. It was moving so fast that when you went over the humps it felt like the coaster had left the tracks and you were flying. Fuck maybe it did! Jesus Christ that was wild. Here is a link to a Youtube Video for Ken because I am pretty sure he is not allowed on the ride.

Once I got off the coaster my head was hurting and my heart was pumping fast. I probably should have called it a day but you gotta do what you gotta do. The kid loved it. He was scared on it too but had a good time.

We tried the Batman next. The line was a lot less. I would say maybe a half hour. The Batman seemed as tall as Superman but I am not sure (Actual height 109-feet). Instead of zipping you straight down it did all kinds of turns, and curves, and upside down moves. I added to my headache and probably got some whiplash thrown in. Ken Link included.

We tried the old fashion roller coaster too. It might have been the scariest because the whole thing shook and clanked and seemed ready to fall apart. I think that one is the most dangerous one in the park... the rotting wood gives a good scare.

In general I enjoyed the park.. but it is a total ass rape. The drinks cost 3.50 each, the food is expensive, parking is expensive.. everything is very costly. I would not have minded paying a lot to get in if the food was more reasonable. The wait in line for the good rides sucks too. It was pretty horrible. They let you buy an extra "Flash" pass to get in quicker. If I go again I will use that for sure. All in all some good memories though.


Blogger KenP said...

I tried to watch the vids but they wouldn't let me. Seems my reputation preceded me. I suspect you ratted me out.

10:57 AM


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