Friday, January 25, 2013

Play Dressup With Waffles

Getting some new clothes so I can be sexy for the ladies and professional at work. You can help decide what I get. Remember. Professional for work. Wanna upgrade my style from short sleeve polo shirts to button down type shirts. I think that makes me more growed up right?

So the stores you can choose from are: JCrew, The Gap, and Banana Republic.

Commence suggesting. Put links to the websites in your comments. This is your chance to dress up Waffles like a big boy. Do not miss this once in a lifetime chance!

** I am thinking something like this maybe?


Blogger KenP said...

You send us to look at khaki? If you want a more traditional image, pick up a couple of pairs of slacks from Filenes to mix in with the khakis.

Nothing wrong with a polo that isn't a wrinkled mess. Iron the collars.

Waffles, there is not a thing wrong with you or your regular attire. If you have client meetings, pick up a sport coat to wear with the polo/slacks. Nice look these days.

And 50-bucks for khaki at the Gap etc. I wear Lee's at half the price from Amazon. If you going to blow money, get R100 designer blue jeans. That has to be some kind of oxymoron. And moronic when you pay triple for a different cut and a foreign name.

To thine own self be true. You show up being a different guy, you'll create talk. If you are making changes work, imove slowly; and, if anybody mentions the changed look, blame it on Josie buying it for you for your birthday. Wardrobe looks can always be blamed on the ladies.

4:59 AM

Blogger KenP said...

P.S. Not sure about the weight these days but the cut on the khakis wasn't for guys like me with love handles. You?

5:02 AM

Blogger Jordan said...

Just a couple of tips. Try "Fitted" dress shirts (sometimes called Slim Cut, or European Cut). You may not feel "Slim", but it can make a difference and look a lot cleaner. If the fitted shirts don't work, then you can go with the regular type, which tend to tent out more.

As for pants, look for pants without pleats. Pleats will make you look larger too.

I recommend you go to a Banana Republic outlet, etc. You can get all of the good stuff for a lot cheaper.

8:58 AM

Blogger Carmel said...

Gap is.good!

2:40 AM


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