Friday, January 04, 2013

Hyper Energized

I feel hyper energized today. Like too much energy flowing through me. Too awake. Feels kind of good but sort of weird.

I may have said this before but I think the best way to change is the Waffles one thing a day plan. The hardest part is doing the first thing. It then gets easier to do one small thing a day towards accomplishing your goals. Writing down goals both long term and short term is also important.

The first thing I have done is started taking some vitamins. I know I eat like a diseased goat so I need supplements. I am especially curious as to how Vitamin D3 effects my moods especially during the winter. I mean I have classic sun deficiency. Starts in October, get bummed out, ends sometime in Jan/Feb/March... when I get a little extra kick of energy. My other theory is that my dad dying in October or November kicks it off.

I can not really understand how that would happen. I loved my dad and was somewhat close to him.. but there were a lot of issues keeping distance. I also was never the person to keep in contact. I would see my parents during the holidays and that is pretty much it. Heck I have not even been to my dads grave yet.

Here is my vitamin plan suggested by a friend of mine.

Multi Vitamin (Centrum, not Silver, oh yeah!)
 Vitamin D3 - 2500mg
Fish Oil - 1000mg
Magnesium - 500mg
I am going to research some more. I know a daily vitamin and D3 is good stuff. Even more than 2500mg of D3 is suggested in climates like Boston where it's dark and gloomy for months. The fish oil and mangnesium are supposed to be good for your heart. I have not really looked into those yet or any side effects.

I swear I felt like Dr. Pauly and Change100 before going on a plane this morning.. or Ken every day. I lined up my 7 pills (5 vitamins, blood pressure, and shrink juice) and swallowed them all. Magnesium and Fish oil are HUGE pills.. and Magnesium smells bad too. Isn't it like eating a volcano? I dunno. Anyway... it is kind of weird going from a not-even aspirin kind of guy to popping pills left and right. We shall see how it works and how long it lasts.

Next up are reading my dummies book, exercise, and several other things.


Blogger Buffalo66 said...

I do the "old people drinks" - boost, ensure, etc. They are a lot easier to digest than those horse pills.

11:14 AM


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