Saturday, April 20, 2013

On The Road Again

Went into work today. Need to go tomorrow too. Been a busy day. Copley is still locked down and has many signs of the bombing including the above memorial.

Started running again. I have been doing in-door running for 20 minutes a day. Today I decided to take it outside. I may end up quitting in the winter again but the summer will be mine! I have already committed to a 5k road race in Boston. I have about two months to get ready for it. The first time I started couch to 5k I could barely run 1/4 a mile... today I got a nice 1.5 mile run in along with a 1/2 mile walk on each end of the run. So I am starting ahead of where I did before.

There is something nice about the exhaustion of a nice run. I feel it more so than doing my 60 pushups or even running in doors. It is a tiredness that feels good and has you chasing it again and again. At least until you get used to the distances and it loses some of it's luster. Still chasing hot jogger ass down the street is not bad.

A friend of mine has me trying protein drinks to build my muscles back faster. Not sure what I think of it but should be fun.


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