Friday, May 23, 2014


Sorry. Nothing amazing to mention. My marine friend has shipped out. So I am all alone again. I have been jogging, and working out. I threw my back out Monday though. Ouch. Nothing serious just a muscle pull. I got totally loaded Wednesday night for the marine going away party. NEVER DRINK WITH A MARINE. Almost got kicked out of the restaurant for "talking" too loud. Had a fun time till I puked outside the cab. Thursday at work was rough. Ended on a good note eating some Ramen soup and feeling better. Going to end the week strong with some exercise, go Kayaking on the weekend.. work a little this weekend since the week has been a mess.

Last court date the wife lowers visitation by an hour. Kind of pissed me off. I mean I get 4 hours. Why do you wanna haggle and make it 3. She then agrees to make it all Saturdays and then is taking the kids to NH this weekend with what I "HOPE TO GOD" is her boyfriend. Life would work out so easy if he was.

I still have every decision on how to live my life open. Eat out. Eat at home. Cook? I have been mixing up eating out and eating tuna and spaghetti from the can and PB&J. I am not even sure why I do anything I do. One night I will just veg and watch TV and the next night I will grab my art book and draw shitty things. I am just learning.

Hit some pussy or masturbate. I mean the first one comes with all kinds of complications unless you pay for it. However it also can be good. Perhaps I should become a monk instead.

I am trying to save money and use it for better things. Rent is a bad thing. Electric. Cable. All just drains. Eating out too. I want to spend my money on having fun with the kids, saving for their education, having fun myself and having some sense of security where I could take a year off work if I wanted to. All those things seem like good goals.

I have a nice new art project. I want to draw the spider I described before. With it's mechanical legs of Rent, Cable, House, bills, etc.. latched onto a person... I need to improve my drawing 100000% to do that but I am going to do a first draft and then I can use it as a guide to my improvement.

Nothing else going on. Next court should be in June.


Blogger angerisagift said...

the age old question eating pussy or masturbation.both r winners. so tittiefucking isnt an option? have a great weekend

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