Sunday, February 28, 2016

Poker Joneses

I keep trying to get my buddy to go back to Mohegan.. anyways, it is almost March again so I will be going soon enough. Having the high hand every 30 minutes is a great promotion though so we really should have gotten another trip in.

One tip I think is good playing live. As I try and get my reads back online (doing good) and actually listening to myself (bad as usual) I find that a good rule of thumb is -- Determine the good players and give them respect. You do not have to gamble at the 1/2 live game.. but if there are more marginal calls you should lay them down to better players and maybe take a little more chance vs bad players. I have had this not work a couple times.. getting bluffed out of small hands.. but the alternative is much worse. If I went with my gut last time at Twin Rivers I would have still lost (probably) but it would have been a much better game. I could have folded a set and a high pocket pair to the two players I knew were good.. and the night probably would have been better.

Anyhow.. Next time I will try and start off playing like I can and keep it going positively. I always start off in the hole and have to make it back. Not good because it makes me more chasey and retarded than usual.. and I am bad enough to begin with.


Blogger Tony Bigcharles said...

ur right, u do not have to keep playing poker to get ur money back when stuck. theres always BJ tables u can go to.

10:05 AM


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