Sunday, September 06, 2015

Okie-Vegas A Rednecks Tale – Part 2 – What can I say

The thing about OkieVegas and why I started with the cast and crew is because it really is about the people. When I first arrived there I was all like “Hey I am Waffles, let me shake your hand”.. and not one single person allowed that. Not even the hot chicks. As my arm reached out for a shake, it was like a nerd high five.. where you miss... but better. Each person dodged the awkward handshaked, slipped off to the side and embraced me in a warm and loving hug. I am going to work up to a nice ass slap next year. I have no idea if this is just the famous Sawwwtherrrnnn Hosspitality we all hear about (doubt it) or just a great bunch of guys and girls who have bonded in a very special way. These bonds started as a mutual love for poker but have grown to be something so much more. For lack of a better work we can call it “The Brudderfly Effect”.

This is why I really do not have a great and detailed trip report like I normally do in Vegas. I can however share a few funny things that happened and hopefully let you know Waffles is still large and in charge.

The weekend started with the awesome OSU driving 1.5 hours to pick my ass up at the airport. He brought the tragedy with him and it could have been some serious tragedy. The guys come with this sack of meat and jello shots. I quickly find out there are many prop bets going on. The first one was
“How long till Waffles says he would bang Janet”.. now anyone who knows me should know this was an easy bet. It got out of the way quickly. The next bet was slightly more shall we say dangerous and iffy... “Can Waffles drink 11 jello shots without puking before we get to the house”. One hour and a half to go through 11 shots that Jo created. High butane shots! We stopped off at the local quicky mart and I wisely got a Gatorade.

Now to be fair Tragedy told me there were only 8 shots. So I started downing them all.. There was the cherry shot.. which had a cherry in the middle.. I had to use the tongue to good use. Ahhh yeahhh ladies! After that one there was one.. just one.. that tasted so bad it was forever more named the “Shit shot”.. I went too far past the cherry and hit the backdoor apparently. The shots were going down fast. I was eating ribs and drinking Gatorade so I would not get sick. If you know me well then you KNOW I get drunk on two beers... so massive amounts of alcohol probably is not a good idea. I started slowing down around 8 shots. It was then that I found out that there were actually 11 shots. I call fowl! I had like 10-15 minutes to finish. Now at this point I can neither confirm or deny that any tom foolery happened to allow Tragedy to lose the bet. However.. he should not have told me there were only eight!!!

Prop bets would be a big theme of the weekend, and alcohol, prop bets and alcohol. Almost as scary as lions, tigers, and bears. Oh my! I arrived at Okie Vegas and received all the warm welcomes detailed above. We drank peach moonshine slushies and apple cider moonshine and the official beer of Okie Vegas all night long. EazyCure and I closed down the night chatting and drinking till 2AM. Really great guy. I almost got to stay up later but BamBam was a little too slow and missed us both.

The next day was the tournament where the winner was the guy who deserved to win.


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