Friday, February 17, 2006

Mr. Dreamy Losing His Mind

Mr. Dreamy: Special shout out to Waffle house. Yes you did get me 2 times dont think I forgot. You time is coming and your end is near. Look for me at every cash game you sit down to soon even that damn 4 card game.

Ignoring the bad speeling, hey that is not my thing either, my reply is very simple. Are you refering to me Mr. Dreamy? Now I know for sure you have gone off the deep end.. when you let Sir Waffles get under your skin.. that is embaressing. Please try to control your emotions. I think maybe you should drop down to the .02/.04 tables for a while just until you regain your composure.

I look forward to doing battle with you again. While it is nice to take money from the ATMs.. it has a special meaning when I take it from someone I respect.. like the nice little tiny, tiny, bet I put out when I had the nuts saying I was scared of that big ole Ace.. it was great to see you pounce on it like a big fat old tiger who has lost his teeth. Classic. Enjoyable. I hope to do it again in the future.

As I have said in all of my past posts you are the more successful and better cash game player than I am. However something is changing in the House of Waffles. I can not describe it exactly.. I think I am finally getting "it". It's not something you can teach. You just need to experience enough Poker to accept it. I finally think I can accept poker for what it is. This has lead to a HUGE jump in my game. So please, keep underestimating me.. because money is money, and I am an equal opportunity receiver. I learn alot everytime I take a dollar off of you, and every time I give you one. So keep charging at me old bull and we will have fun with the dance. I for one welcome the challenge and enjoy the games.


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