Wednesday, February 15, 2006

I dont usually read him butttttt...

From Cause everyone is doing it a poker blog by mookie. Do not know the guy personally but I am always in for short field private tourneys.

Tomorrow night (Wednesday) at 9:00pm CST, we will have another Big O Pokerstar’s tournament. Since Michael won the last one, this tournament is named: Big O “Lil’ Mikey” Tournament. Here are the details:

* Tournament: Big O “Lil’ Mikey” Tournament
* Details: Pokerstars Private Tournament # 19758227
* Date: Wednesday, February 15th
* Time: 9:00pm CST
* Buyin: $10+1
* Password: vegas1
* Bounty: $5 Bounty on Michael (aimike25)

Try to make it out to play, it should be alot of fun !


Anonymous mookie99 said...

Thanks for pimping the tournament tonight. I enjoy your blog alot and hope to make mine as interesting as yours.

8:44 AM


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