Thursday, February 16, 2006

This and that..

I guess the schedule for tonight is WWDN and then I think I will hit Titan again since I am running SUPER WHITE HOT on that site.

Absolute Poker Pimp had a neat link to It has a cool
trailer you should check out. I think the graphics are kinda lame and overall I do not want alot of animation slowing down my game. Gotta
keep that BB/hr rate up you know. However I am more than willing to beta-test the site and maybe win some free stuff.

For those interested in trying a new online poker experience is still taking applications for Beta Preview Players.
All invitations for beta players will be sent out by Feb 19th according to the site manager.
so if you are interested sign up before Sunday.

And.. another damn quiz.. This one is from Maudie.

You scored as Big Slick. You are the comrades in arms, best buddies Big Slick - Ace-King. Not prone to rash decisions, you are impeccable, recognize a good opportunity, but won't procede unless the conditions aren't just right and you have gathered all the evidence.

Pocket Kings


Big Slick


Pocket Aces


Pocket Queens


The Hammer


What starting Hold 'Em hand are you?
created with

Hmm.. I wonder what is Pauly thinking? Anyone have an idea? Let me know.Thanks to Las Vegas Poker Blog for the great picture.


Blogger Jordan said...

Pauly's saying: "Sorry buddy, there is only One of these shirts in the whole world."

6:44 AM

Blogger Garthmeister J. said...

You scored as Pocket Kings.

Home, home on the range you are Pocket Cowboys, pardner. Love may be a force of nature, but you are a force of your own. You're brash, bold area rarely in error and won't hestitate to push the little guy out of the way.

7:06 AM


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