Thursday, February 16, 2006


I took another final table finish. It was a small field. I got blinded down and went out in 3rd place. I pushed with 58d figuring I had straight, flush, and low card outs. I was right. He had A4. I ALMOST caught my straight. Oh well. Not much you can do with 10xBB left.

A player at the table, Gantor, was making some sub-optimal decisions and getting paid off big for them. I beleive his wins included pushing 55 against JJ, AQ against AA with an AKT board. Hands he should of gotten beaten on over and over.

Now while I think he *could* have gotten away from a few of those hands I have two problems with people yelling at him. The first one is that it is just rude. Grow up. Bad beats happen every day. Blog about it but don't go and berate a player. Especially in the WWDN where people have various skill levels.

The second thing I like about his play is the fact that he was willing to play. Yes, he was behind, and sucked out alot. However he showed aggression and it is VERY important at a final table to be very aggressive. I liked that.

So anyway, here is to hoping the next time Gantor wins he does so with the best cards. However, cut the guy a break, he was playing hard and I respect that.

The bankroll(s) had a very healthy night. Stars stands at $450ish, Titan is up to $272 and I even have a few bucks left on Full Tilt. I entered the cancer MTT with half of my monies at Full Tilt. So here is hoping I make some scores with the other half.


Blogger doubleuwhy said...

Nice going with your 3rd place.

IF you have the stack for it, playing with aggression and confidence makes up for many flaws. If you don't hit your draw on the river, then fold whereas if you hit, you may get ragged on, but the best hand at the end won the pot, not the best hole cards. Catching ppl who fall in love with the flop too much wins big pots especially when they DONT push hard enough on the turn and river.

I find IF a donk calls your beyond expectation bet on the turn/river, folding your hand wins much more then simply adding to your bad beat collection of stories. Since they are donks, you catch them when you have the nuts.

3:40 AM

Blogger doubleuwhy said...

btw, thanks for your comment on my blog. I've rambled a sort of reply but you've made me try to figure out better what has actually changed in my play and WHY it's more effective.

3:46 AM

Blogger Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

Nice work, Waffles. That was fun. Sorry I couldn't stick around to fulfill your prediction, that would have been quite a move if you had called that one like the babe.
That is twice now you've seen me get bounced late in the WWdN in a less than optimal way. Last week you sat and watched while I got bad beat two hands in a row by some clown a couple seats to my left, to go out on the final table bubble. Now last night, although I was in 7th out of 7 remaining players at the final table, I was dealt solid pocket pairs twice in three hands. With that I should have been able to win at least one of them and get a nice double -- you figure my odds going in to those two hands are about 58% on each (52% for the pair against the two overs, plus a lot more on the chance of a lower pocket pair), which makes his odds of beating me twice in a row on those two pocket pairs of mine somewhere around 20%. First time I lose to his AKo. Second time I lose to his AKo. That is just crazy man. One of these days I'm going to rain fire all over the WWdN and be a 10-1 chip leader when the final table starts.

Anyways congrats on another final table man. You're putting the other bloggers to shame in these things. Let's just hope I run into you tonight in the DADI III tourney if you're there.

6:06 AM


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