Friday, April 15, 2016

Willie and the Incredible Shrinking Violet

Title means nothing. Do not ask.

Had a session this week where I COULD and SHOULD have put it all together and walked away with $600 profit. It gives me hope and kind of bums me out .. at least till I play again.

Basically I think I made two major mistakes in the game. I will give you the minor one first. This cost me $100 but I adjusted...

I have AK s00ted.. So my normal raise. I have $100 stack. Guy next to me cold calls. Flop comes 1 diamond.. with my Ace.. He bets out and I cold call. This was a big mistake. Turn comes second diamond and he bets and I call again.. Another mistake.. and then river comes third diamond.. and he bets $35 on the river.. I will let you guess what he had and smack me for paying him off.

This was my minor mistake. It did cost me a buyin though. I realize I am playing my tptk too weak when I am short so I will adjust eventually... also pre-flop and flop is too weak. I did adjust to this flush chaser though and he gave me it all back with interest.

My massive mistake that cost me a $900 pot. I had been in a few tough hands where I won but they were a little stressful so I was a bit tired. I had 88, and someone early bet $10, and 3 others called... So 99.99% of the time I call here. I am sitting on $300, so I am deep. Long story short is flop comes 88, turn comes 2, and 2 other guys with $300 end up all in.. JJ TPTK ends up winning it. So I cost myself $900 by not playing consistently.

I am sort of happy though. I fought back from my $100 down... Ended the night with a profit of $99. I also enjoy these nights out of poker. I also think that it is probable that as I adjust I end up seeing a lot more $200-$600 pots and I end up winning a bunch. I am reasonably pleased. I have made many mistakes and I am still up. I think I will eventually get into the swing of things and make a lot more.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't know what the betting sizes were in the first hand but I doubt you made as big a mistake as you believe you are.
I would guess that villain is holding AXd and caught runner, runner flush. Would he have bet the river the same way if his flush didn't come in? I think most recreational players would think their weak pair of aces were good here and still bet trying to get a call out of you, thinking you were married to an underpair. If that play resulted in you getting all you chips in then you would have gotten maximum value from your hand. If you're suggesting you should have raised the flop bet (depending on what it was) I think you are basing your analysis on the unlucky results of the hand. All you would be doing if you thought you were ahead is giving your opponent a way out of the hand.

What were the bets on the flop and the turn? Unless these were both smallish bets in relation to the $35 river bet I don't see putting someone on a flush and getting away from the hand.

The second hand you described I had to read twice to realize why you lost. First time I didn't see that you had folded preflop. Not calling a $10 bet with $300 behind and 3 callers with pocket 8s ... Yeah, that's about the time I realize I'm too tired to be making solid decisions and call it a night.

7:57 AM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

I just needed like a hand or two off lol... But ya... The first hand he had Q9d with nada.. Flop bet was like 10 turn like 10-15 river 35.. Once I watched him a bit I would never pay him off again.. He was very readable... and a huge chaser, so I owned him after that.

8:46 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Okay, even more reason that I would consider a flop raise wrong. He's taking a 23 to 1 shot and paying to do it (obviously this is in hindsight and we can assume he is barreling). I say let him - you're getting value, there's no need to reveal the strength of your hand. If you do he should be able to easily get away from Q high on the flop (Which I think most people would be happy to do. I think too many people focus on winning pots when they should be focusing on winning money). He has, what?, a 4% chance of winning and he's firing away with it thinking he has fold equity? Don't give him a reason to back down. You were just unlucky that he actually backed into a hand.

He raised his bet on the river, which might have raised some flags, but I would still have a hard time not paying him.

10:46 AM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

Ya I am with ya.. I just think a better line, being short, might have been all in flop or a big re-raise and NOT let him luck into any kind of hand..

11:29 AM

Blogger The Poker Meister said...

Not even reading the rest of the post but want to comment on the AK hand: No problem raising AK & calling the flop bet. By the turn, let's say you have $70 left; there's around $60 in the pot - why aren't you raising all in when he bets into you? You're paying off the river bet (assuming there is one) so why not just get it in on the turn despite his holdings? You have TPTK with a short stack... that's the point of playing short stacked!

11:42 AM

Blogger The Poker Meister said...

Also, I don't understand the description of the 88 hand. Did you fold to the $10 raise? Why? Did you have 88 and would have flopped quads? What does "JJ TPTK ends up winning it" mean?

11:46 AM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

Totally agree on AK hand.

I was tired so folded 88 pre-.. would have hit a set on the flop, and a guy with a JJ won the pot .. which I folded pre-... which would have been like a $900 win for me if I was in it.. Very stupid. Still kicking myself.

4:52 PM


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