Thursday, March 10, 2016

On Style and Results

This week just happened to be my birthday. I was just going to hang out in my hotel for the grand night but someone from work suggested that I go play poker. I believe this was a ruse to hear a bad beat story from me.. however, once the thought was planted I was like "Fuck, it's pretty lame spending your birthday alone in a hotel".

So I took the slightly quicker jaunt down to Twin Rivers where I started my illustrious poker career at -$300. I played pretty tight.. probably too tight. My table started out really aggro and I played slightly badly, nothing too terrible, then it slowed down a bit, and I made my money back. I ended the night +22.

The next night I went back to Mogehan Sun. I keep wanting to hit that high hand jackpot! Six hundred bucks every 20 minutes! WHEE! Alas it was not to be. I had some decent players.. I played a little too tight.. again made a few slightly bad calls... got my stack down to $40 of the initial $100... Went super aggro... got it back up to $60ish, then when KK bet to my right, I jammed in, and got the call.. I took my $120 and again donked it down a bit over time... I usually leave Mohegan by 11:00 so I can get back by Midnight to sleep so I can be up at 6AM for work. So it was already around 11:45.. and my stack was down to $50... EP loose player slides out a stack of like 60, loose drunk guy next to me calls, I look down and see AJ s0000ted MOOO the call of the Donkey! So I think about it, then I say "Fuck it go big or go home!" and call.. and THEN the guy next to me calls. So we have a $205 side pot for me. The flop comes Jxx with one of my s00t. The loose guy jams all in... both other guys fold, and he turns over TT... my AJ holds up and I am suddenly $105 up for the night. I quickly rack and run. Bwahahaha.

The AJ call was pretty much a desperate who gives a fuck kind of call that worked out really well. In general I think I am playing a bit too tight... but it is working somewhat. An earn rate of $25/hr is not bad at 1/2... but it probably will go down. On the good side I am finally pretty decently on the win side of the ledger... having made up a lot of the deficit I started out in.

I have a theory too though that playing really tight and safe is actually not a bad plan. I have always been told to be super aggressive and I get it... but I did wayyyyy better playing a tight solid game with much less risk and aggression when I first started playing poker.... and I do think that I can make that work here. I do need to adjust a bit, but I think I am doing alright and I am on my way... We shall see.


Blogger angerisagift said...

tight is right

8:15 PM

Blogger Tony Bigcharles said...

as long as ur win rate remains higher per hour in $1-2 than mine, ur doing something right

11:12 PM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

too short of a time span to know Tony

6:16 AM


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