Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Two Waffles

Last night I was all over the place. Losing every SNG. Getting out drawn but really getting into too many hands and situations when I did not have to. Poker was making me so sick to death I was really ready to quit already.

Tonight I refocused and had one rule: make 3rd place. I decided not to play the turbo format either. So how were my results? I finished 4-1 with 2 firsts and a third. The one I lost I think I was just getting tired of winning. heh. I went out with AK vs KK vs AQ.. which is not horrible but I had a stack where I did not need to gamble. Tonight I loved poker.

Going to stick with what I did tonight if possible and see how it goes. The swing between last night and tonight was -40 to +60. Crazy. Not sure if I will be able to keep the insanity under control but it's free money and for now I am having fun.

First cash out will come if I reach 200. It is a big IF.


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