Thursday, July 22, 2004

First Multi Table Freeroll

So, I was logging into Empire just to check my balance, and all of the sudden I find myself enrolled in a Free Roll. Now I have NEVER played multi-table. So I get into this Free Roll I knew nothing about. First hand. J-10. I call. What the hell, might as well get in for a hand. Bang! Everyone folds. Wow! They must have heard of Sir! 7-2. Bang! Fold! Man I am good! Go Hammer! Fold. Fold. Fold. Ok. Something weird is going on. I am not THAT well known, or good. So I figure out nobody is at my table. Blinds keep going up, and I am at a nice 10K before I even figure out this is not an NL Free Roll! Imagine my surprise when the ALL-IN button did not show up!

Now, I am not very good at tourney coverage, so here are the highlight Sir style.

Played level and stayed mid stack for most of the game.

Level 10. Cowboys. 10's to trips. Went from 21K to 77K.Called down the river with my Cowboys by 77. 13th Place.

Folded a few hands.

Level 14. Nice Level. Alot of pairs that paid off.
Up to 110K. Big Stack!! Next stack is 75K. Not bad. Looking good.

8th Place. 3K Blinds!!!!

Level 15. Nothing good. Went in for a couple of flush draws.
Nothing good. 119K.

Second Place in chips, 7 people left.

Hope level 16 shows me some good stuff!

Level 16 going well. Up to 245K. KJ, picked up trip K's. Some idiot bets me to the river.Stupid bet on flush draw to the river. Oh well. 221K.

Ran down the river. Some bad calls. Had trips against A5 straight. Went out at 3AM. 3rd Place. $225. Not too shabby for a free roll. I think I did the Bloggers proud!





Blogger JD said...

Wow, that's a pretty amazing multi-table debut. Congratulations!

7:36 AM


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