Saturday, July 24, 2004

Nice Table

Been at a nice table having a nice day. Up 32 bucks playing 1/2 right now. Got a RSF which was really nice. I like this table because I raise the first bet. I flop K's with Ace Kicker. Get everyone raising up to 4 BB. I then get Ace High Flush. I bet. They slow down, but keep betting me. Pay me all the way to the river. These guys are betting second and third pair to the river. One person had a pair of eights, and AJ9K or something was on the board, and they are calling and calling... sweet! I am up to $989. Not bad for an hour or so. Hope to clear over 1K today. When I get to $1200 I am going to cash $155 out. I am going to buy Poker Tracker and fix my leaks, and take $100 for a present. Only bad thing about this table is I have been rivered like 5 times!!!!

My game is still stalled a little. Still working on discipline problems, and trying to play consistent.  Not much to report here, but I wanted my two regular readers to get a little update.

Two last things: I really appreciate Chris Halverson giving advice. He has always been ready to put his 2 cents in, and there usually worth alot more.

Never do a top ten poker blog list!!!! WARNING: You will regret it. You will forget someone, number 11 will be sad because you forgot him, number 12 will think you abandoned him! The guilt alone is not worth it. So next time I list Blogs it is going to be the top 500!

Won a 5/1 and 10/1 tourney tonight to get my earnings up to $1046. I cannot wait until I hit 1200! Then I will be asking all you Bloggers out there how the hell to make any sense of Poker Tracker Stats.


Blogger Sloejack said...

Congrats on your recent wins. It's a nice feeling to hit that 1k mark on the bank roll. I gotta find me a free roll where nobody comes to play ;)

7:19 AM


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