Friday, September 17, 2004

Keep Dreaming

"I tell you the truth, if anyone says to this mountain, 'Go, throw yourself into the sea,' and does not doubt in his heart but believes that what he says will happen, it will be done for him.

- Mark 11:23

I have got to tell you I am fed up with the lack of support from people. I REALLY get a little irritated when anyone I talk to does not think you can win money consistently playing Poker. I was on pace to make about 1K per month playing .50/1. I would assume that with better post flop play and the level I have moved up to (1/2) that it would be reasonable to say I could make 2K per month. I might be off a little but I do not think this is a crazy statement. This rate adds up to around 24K per year. Obviously there will be some variance but I do not think this is an unreasonable expectation. It may actually be an underestimation.

I tell my Wife this and she looks at me like I am crazy. I must have like three heads. She cannot wait to tell the nanny and the two of those knuckleheads together like to give me the “Uh Huh” smirk.

Now I understand a little of why they do not believe. I have not been playing very long. I have had my setbacks on the path, which have actually made me a much better player. I know they have no firm grasp of any aspect of the Poker world and this causes them to have no way of believing that anyone can make money doing this. I would at least expect a little encouragement from the wifey though.

Do not even get me started about when I talk to people at work. The friends I have from work defiantly think I am crazy also. It is again based in their assumption that Poker is only luck and lack of knowing how many people are out there playing online and in casinos.

I cannot wait until that mountain moves and the doubt is lifted. As I ascend triumphantly into the Heavens of a profitable poker game leaving behind the unbelievers. I wonder who will be smirking then!


Blogger JW said...

Slow and steady my friend, slow and steady. Best to have some long term results in hand before trying to convince the wife on this issue. Just be happy she isn't ready to throw you out of the house for even thinking such a thing. Is she right to be skeptical? Yes sir! There are plenty of people out there just like you who think the same thing and will end up spending obscene amounts of money proving that they CAN'T make money consistently.
Are you right to believe that you can do this? Sure as shit yes. Just make sure you have some humility in one pocket and a pair of reality glasses in the other.
I hope like hell you make it to your goal. I'll be struggling right along with you. I will say this though. At .50/1 and 1/2 I think your rates are high. Cut them about in half. Remember that you are playing low limit and that variance is huge.
Some questions: how many times a week do you play and for how long? How many tables? How long have you been at your current limit?
Keep up the work and let us know what your thoughts are in January. I think this would make a great case study! :)

7:43 PM

Anonymous Veneno said...

What are your thoughts now?

Do you still believe? Is the dream alive?

12:11 AM


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