Sunday, October 31, 2004


I had a blast this weekend. I went to a party over my friend John’s. John is a great guy. He does not play Poker mostly because he has started a fledgling company. He knows he cannot dedicate the time needed to become a good player. So John invited me to the annual Halloween party. The wife had a migraine, so I got to play the “I am single and never got married and had a few kids” game. It was excellent.

Last years party found me with some personal problems that caused me to drink half of the TUB of Sangria and get violently ill all the way home and half way into the next afternoon. Not fun. Almost missed the Pat's game! So my one goal of the night was to not puke. Needless to say I stayed away from the tub of Sangria. John makes a mean batch! Last year he said it contained 1 gallon of Vodka, 1 Bottle of rum, 4 bottles of wine, and some fruit. He said he toned it down this year but I am not sure. I stuck to the Sam’s Wicked!

The house was decked out to the nines. My favorite decoration was the Yankee fan with the meat hook in his head. John was a Gay Vampire! I do not think that he started off being gay, but the fangs gave him a “special” lisp. His girlfriend was a dominatrix! Gotta love that! Sweet cleavage! Most costumes there were very creative. There was a Rainbow Bright. Cute skirt. She made the whole costume herself. She made her boyfriends hulk costume also! It was very good! She got really friendly as she got more and more loaded. I like friendly! At least until she passed out at the table and knocked a dozen drinks over. I got invited to her Thanksgiving party too.. can’t wait.. will have to give the wife another migraine!

The best part of the night was a game called Lightning Reaction! I would love to play this with Al! Basically there are 4 controllers, about 18 volts, and a whole lot of fun! You watch the red light flash and when it turns green the last person to press the button gets a shock! If you press the button too early you get shocked! If you don't press the button.. you guessed it, you get shocked! Sounds easy, right? The strategy aspect revolves around trying to make other people jump too early. Loud sounds are particularly effective. I played this well into the night to the point where my arm was numb all the way to the elbow. The funniest round was when three of us were playing against a skeletal doll and the doll won three in a row! If you have not tried it you should! It reminded me of that episode of the Simpson’s when the whole family was in therapy. One thing you MUST do is force the players to switch hands after getting shocked 2-3 times in one hand. It just starts to lose its effectiveness.

I stayed over John’s for the night and actually got to sleep in for the first time since I had kids! Added Bonus! Overall good times all around. Thanks for the invite John!

Kudo’s to Sean – The Patriots finally lost! *sniff*. Oh well. We are still poised for some post season action if all goes well. It would have been nice to go the whole season without a loss though.

Played a little poker tonight too.. Was up a lot and lost two hands to bring me down to a modest night. Up 140+. I am shooting for +150 every night playing two tables. We will see how it works out.


Anonymous Veneno said...

You should hang out with John more often....Sounds like a cool friend..

7:11 PM


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