Monday, October 25, 2004

Sir Stud

Tonight was an exceptional night, more so because it started so badly. I lost my tourney REAL bad. Like 8th place. Ug! I also was down on two 2/4 tables by fifty dollars each. I then went on the most incredible run ever and made my first goal: $1700.

I doubled up my first table. I have yet to double up in 2/4, so it felt really good. I then got one pot on my second table that was probably the largest single pot I have ever had. I feel ashamed of it a little because I probably should have folded. I started with 89h .. I go in for a BB. I get raised afterwards and there are like 5-6 people in. So I say “What the hell” and call hoping for a flush. I get a single heart, a pair of two’s and the nine. So I have Top Pair Shitty Kicker and three to a flush. For a single bet I say what the hell. I had to have had pot odds with that much money in. The next card is and 8. Here is where I made a mistake in judgment. I said to myself “I got two pair, so if he has AA then I win”.. err dummy, there was already a pair on the board! Doh! So anyhow it was still only one bet. I believe I still had pot odds. Either way I am in until the end. The final card is a god loving 9! It give someone else 9’s over 2’s. It gives me 9’s over 8’s biatch! I rake in the sweet $78 pot. I felt like I sucked the guy(s) out but with 3-4 people in to the end and the 5-6 in on the flop I figure I had the odds to make the call. Anyway the guy with the Aces (I think) types in the chat 15 minutes later: wtf! Indeed. WTF!

So now on to goal two: Becoming a stud! The Poker gods must appreciate me trying to learn something new. The first ten hands give me two full boats! I have no idea if this is common in 7-Stud but I highly doubt it. So I go up to about +15BB. Not bad. I got sucked out once. The person made the flush on the river. Chased three to a flush all the way down and made it on the last card. At least I was smart enough to check my last bet since I *thought* I was doomed anyway. I got Rolled up 8’s and even knew what that meant! That won me an 9BB pot or something. I think I played well. Not great but well. I decided to cap the experience at 12AM when I normally go to bed. Ended up around 28BB+. I will take it for my first attempt. I like the game a lot. It seems like 2 pair can win a lot, and even a pair gets a fair share of pots. Very fun game.


Blogger DuggleBogey said...

The frequency that a full house comes up in 7-card stud is exactly the same as the frequency in Hold-em.

Remember, at heart they are both 7-card stud games, Hold-em just has the added twist of community cards.

It's helpful in trying to determine when you really have a good hand or not. If it's a monster in hold-em, it's a monster in stud. The most common mistake in stud is the same as in hold-em, over valuing 2 pair.

6:24 AM

Blogger April said...

7 card stud is a beautiful game...that's actually the first game I ever learned to grandmother taught me when I was 10. We used to stay up late sitting on her bed, watching Carson and playing cards. So Hold'Em game has been experiencing a bit of "variance" lately (although I think maybe it's God's way to telling me to put the damn laptop down and go study or something...) so you inspired me to hit the stud tables at UB. Always nice to change things up a bit. But I'm such a dork...since my previous Stud play was at Stars, took me a hand or two to figure out "which cards are the ones they can't see???" LOL

9:38 AM

Blogger Felicia :) said...

Wooohooo! Great to see you advancing on to Stud. Now it's time to take those winnings and make an investment in yourself.

Seven Card Stud for Advanced Player
by Sklansky, Malmuth, Zee

High/Low Split Poker
by Zee

You'll thank me later, I promose :)

4:33 PM


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