Friday, October 29, 2004

Expanded Thought

Now that I have come down from my rush I want to expand on a thought. I mentioned that I quit last night while I was on a HUGE card rush. I was up almost $400 and killing the table I was at. So why would I quit? It is simple. Your style of play can change when your doing poorly. We all recognize this. You try and get back in the game, push things you should not, basically tilt out. I think the same thing can happen when you are on a HUGE rush. It should be monitored equally as dillegently as a down turn. You start to feel like ANYTHING is a winner. Your play again alters and you end up giving back a portion if not all of your winnings. It sounds funny coming out of my mouth, but I think there are times when your on a winning streak you should leave. Just keep tabs on your play. If you find yourself saying things like "Sorry Dude, I usually do not chase those runner-runner flushes" or "Man what a great flop for 47o!" then at least take a break for a little and come back later. Just my thoughts.


Blogger Diboss said...

Thank goodness we play online, because I can just picture you getting punched by some guy if you said those things to him after taking a huge pot. I agree with what you say. I've been through it a lot too. I have a more immediate response to that crazy tilt, after winning a big pot, I have a tendency to play anything I pick up next hand. Be that 72o or otherwise. I've seen a lot of pros talk about uptilting (new word?) like that too, so they get up, go for a walk or something to calm down.

7:35 AM

Blogger Blu said...

Yeah I don't remember him saying "thanks np man" or anything like that. He is probably making a nice voodoo doll of your likeness as we speak.


7:47 AM

Blogger skitch said...

That's always the death of me. I am seriously considering playing online, cause it should be so much easier to just click the X to shut down when winning. Playing live in a casino, it's just so easy to toss in a few more chips when you've got a big stack in front of you. In fact, I've seen some people who win a pot, and cards are dealt while they are still raking in their win; and they just leave a few chips out to call the BB without even looking at their cards. I try to make a serious effort to fold my hand if I'm still raking.

But I always end up kicking myself in the ass for being *that* close to my session goal of doubling up my buy-in; then playing too loosely and pissing everything away.

Well sirF - I hope that when I finally do put some cash in to Party, you won't be too far up to come down and slum with me at the 1/2 tables. ;)

11:10 AM

Blogger Predator314 said...

Heh, playing with bloggers will change your game too. I get a little wild at times when playing at a "blogger" table. (-EV!)

12:07 PM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

I seem to play better when Bloggers are around. I feel like I will get written up as a Gamb00ler if I do not. I would be honored to go down to any level and play with fellow Bloggers. I will warn you that something happens when you go up a level. The money at the previous level seems to be pennies and you tend to play a more relaxed, much more aggresive, and deadly game. I never trippled up in 1/2 before, but the few times I have gone back so far (mostly to play other Bloggers) I have double or trippled up! If I could figure out what I change when I go back I could really kick some ass probably!

12:41 PM

Anonymous Veneno said...

lol..I am enjoying going back in time...

Those must have been the days...when you would have to slum..move

7:32 PM


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