Thursday, October 28, 2004

First Impressions

I figure I would give my first impression of 3/6 after playing one game. I know this is nowhere near enough hands but you guys listen to my hot air all the time anyways. I figure half of you are just waiting for me to bust out again! Sort of the reason most people watch Nascar (sorry Chris).

Is it tougher? I think you could say it is. However I like it! When I raise pre-flop with AA I want 47o to fold. I found it AMAZING that a pre-flop raise causes EVERYONE to fold a hand! People actually respected my betting. I do like that. I can see where some of the people I have asked would say 3/6 is a lot tougher and you make less money. I think these are the people who play any two s000ted, and A5o like it is the NUTS. I may eat my words in a few weeks but this is my impression.

People *seem* to slow play a little more, and trap you with monster hands. I do not know if this is good or not, but I need to evaluate my position. I am of the mindset of never slow playing a hand. However this is just plain stupid. An example of this is when I had QQ, the hand was raised pre-flop. I called because 3/6 was new and I was being stupid. I should have raised. –1BB. The flop was Q55. Perfect! I bet and the one other guy in (put him on AA) raises. I re-raise him. This was my second mistake. He put me on AQ or something along those lines. I should have cold called him and raised him at the turn when it was more expensive. Right? –1BB at least there. He called me to the river at least. He never showed and I won. I think I misplayed this hand. I would not mind some feedback. I tally this hand at –2BB at least.

I noticed that fishy people get KILLED at 3/6. So if you’re fishy go away. I saw one guy who was basically the chum for the entire table. I took a few good pots off of the better players, and gave some back. The fishy players got reamed by all of us.

Making the jump from 2/4 to 3/6 is not as scary as ½ to 2/4. Something about going into 2 figures (lol) spooked me when going to 2/4, but the extra 50 does not seem a lot in 3/6. Who knows.

Those are my initial impressions. Probably somewhat true but I have not played near enough. The scary thing is that 4/8 is next. Only $600 more. Playing 3/6 that is a good week tops. I do not think I should keep going up when I hit the 300xBB bankroll. It probably does not make sense. I am not sure what to judge the ability to go to higher levels though. The Bankroll has always been the guide stick. I do not think my game has improved much between ½ and 3/6. Perhaps somewhat. Do you just keep rising until someone knocks you down? Should I choose (x) number of hands and if I am keeping the BB/100 around 2-5 then why not? Do I just not worry about it until the jump before 5/10 where it gets A LOT harder from what everyone tells me? Thoughts? Comments? Scorn?


Blogger StudioGlyphic said...

Since you ultimately want to go pro, I think you should get enough hands at each level to feel comfortable with the decision.

Also, think about the worst case scenario: a few sessions where you consistently get second best hand in some monster pots. How would that affect your bankroll? your play? the way you feel when you sit down? When the cards run bad, my play gets desperate. ;)

9:45 AM

Blogger Chris Halverson said...

Congrats. First things, where do you see 4/8? I don't know of any online site that has it. You get to jump from 3/6 to 5/10. 4/8 is somewhat common live, but I've never seen it online.

I would suggest you play at 3/6 for a while to ensure you can beat it. You've played one session, that's nowhere near enough. One session cannot tell you if you can win at that level yet. I hope you do, but don't get too cocky yet.

11:19 AM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

I hear ya Chris! I am going to think LONG and HARD before jumping to 5/10. I have heard WAYYYYY too many people say this is the cutoff between good/low limit players, and Better mid-limit players. It seems to me like a much larger leap than 2/4-3/6 or 1/2-2/4! Anyway I am not sure if 3/6 is going to kick my ass yet! Only time will tell..

11:36 AM

Blogger StudioGlyphic said...

On second thought, go big or go home! I think you ought to risk the entire bankroll on one session of 15/30. Heh.

2:07 PM

Blogger gaamblor said...

I moved up playing x number of hands at each level. its usefull to compare stats at each level with the same sample size to see how your game, and the game around you, is changing.

moving up solely based on bankroll peak is a bad idea unless you are racing against time (of course having the minimum bankroll to move up is still essential).

I think the thing with 5/10 is that its the lowest level where someone could make consistently usefull profits. It doesn't mean there aren't tons of awful players at that level, but you can't just pick tables at random and have 8 people VPIP 50% like some lower levels

1:44 PM


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