Sunday, October 24, 2004

"They have to lose sometime!"

Bah! Go Pats! Historic moment in football. The Patriots have just made the offical NFL consecutive game win record! If that is not a good team then I do not know what is! I am not sure if they covered the spread? I beleive it was the Pats by 6.5. The Jets could not have been favored, could they? At least if they missed the spread Sean is getting closer to the day he can run it in.

All kidding aside I keep giving Sean a hard time about the Patriots. It is kind of fun to have a little rivalry where I can win .. unlike the one with Al! Doh! I think something funny has finally happened to a Boston sports team: We have become so good that we are HATED! It is kind of like the few years that St. Louis was really good. You had never really heard of them and then all of a sudden you hated them! Like the Yankees. So many people hate that team just because they are a GREAT team. I can say that now without gritting my teeth. It is amazing what one win will do for you. So here is to the continued streak. We play at Pittsberg next week. In the past I would have called this a fluff game. We always have had there number. Every major event in Patriots history pretty much has had a Steelers defeat in it. However I think the team this year is a little different. We might have some problems. I am still going to go with a Patriots win however.. how can you not?


Blogger Sean said...

The bottom line is: They're not going to be undefeated. They will lose eventually. Would you rather it be now, during the regular season, or in the first week of the playoffs, when some jerkwad team like Jacksonville comes and knocks them off with some last-second-out-of-their-ass play?

That's what I thought.

12:50 PM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

How about next year?

3:45 PM


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