Monday, November 01, 2004


Thanks for all the feedback. I am now going to make you all suffer through my bad grammer and spelling, and my "Hey loosers, I made $50 last night.. nahh nahh!" stories. I might put in a gem or two every once in a while but do not count on it. I think I need to call Bloggers anonymous cause I am addicted! The number is above for anyone else suffering from this affliction.

I only got into three fights tonight. I really think I am an asshole when I am winning. People who have played with me can verify this. I am not sure if it is a bad thing or not. Sometimes it really sets people on tilt against me! They REALLY want to get me!

The first fight was because in the SB I played 92 S00ted! The flop was two clubs and I raised the initial better. He called me. The third club appeared and walla.. I won and he started crying. Since he paid for it, I tried to give him some advice on playing flushes, but he would not listen! You try and help people!! I have been called an asshole at the Iggy Bloggers tourney. I think someone tried to bluff me off of a pot, I won it, and said "Nice Bluff". I sincerly meant it. I was going to fold! Oh well. Another Blogger mentioned if I played live I would probably get punched in the face! Lucky I do not play live!!!?!?!!?!

I guess it is possible I am an asshole when winning. I never really got a chance to win as a child. So I do not know how to handle it. I really enjoy it alot! Hence my enjoyment of Poker! So you all can hate me like Howard Lederer but at least were competitive! heh.

I need to tell everyone out there that the fishies are spawning and swiming upstream to the 3/6 game. I was in no less than 3 games where people were calling pre-flop raises with K2o, etc.. and hitting them! I got a few suckouts applied to me before I took it to them and came out ahead. Not fun! I really hate being rivered! Of course if I am the one doing it..


Blogger BadBlood said...

Lol, when I've played at the same table as you, I can understand how you can piss off your opponents. Luckily, I "know" you and know better, but there are children out there who can't take a joke when their lunch money disappears.

Live play, I got your back too. :)

7:30 AM

Blogger Predator314 said...

I JUST HIT THE BAD BEAT JACKPOT ON PARTY POKER! I dealt the losing blow, so i got 25%. I had quad 10's and beat quad 9's. I got almost $15,000 for my efforts... Just wanted to share the good news.

10:43 AM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

OMG! Nice!!!?!?!?!! Why does Empire not have these bad beat jackpots? I may have to switch to Party.

11:51 AM


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