Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Calling Station

I realized tonight that playing 6-sided has put me WAY off my game. I have become a calling station. I started playing that way tonight and dropped alot of cash. I then told myself to stop it, and ran up one buyin to $650. I was at $730, but gave a little back. So for hours of play I am up a whole $20! Whoopie! Better than being down. Once I settled down to play right everything clicked. I only won like $20-$40 in a hand for the first hour or so. Made small gains. Did not get much to play. Folded alot. I then hit a nice run of cards, and played tight, correct Poker and walla! It took a while, but I was not giving things back. This is how I want to play. Ram-And-Jam when I have the cards, fold when I do not. If I start playing like the fish I will become one. I have to regain my patience and be willing to make money slowly.

I have also decided that I should not play 2 tables of 5/10 yet. I am going to play a single 5/10 and one 3/6. I want to bring the bankroll up to 4K before doing two tables of 5/10. The variance is too much at 3K!


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