Friday, November 12, 2004

Incredible Night

Quick update. Saw the Incredible’s last night! Brilliant! If you are married and especially if you have kids, and even if you are not and do not this movie is awesome! I got home at 11:30, so did not have a lot of time to play. So I fire up a 3/6 single table and figure either I make a little money or try not to lose too much.

I was at the WORSE table I have ever seen. Three people with crippled stacks playing scared. I stole so many pots. Two guys with what might have been their entire bankroll’s on the table. Over $600 for one guy, about $400 for the other! Anyone who knows me will tell you this make me drool. Almost anytime I went to a showdown I won also. It was fun for a change of pace before bed.

One other thing I noticed. Going back one level is fine. You tend to crush it even more than you did when you played. Going back more than one level makes the game boring and costs you money. I can never play ½ again! Unless I lose my entire bankroll!


Blogger Predator314 said...

Sorry I coudln't join you tonight. I got your invite, but was playing 2 6 max tables and that's all I could handle. BTW, I ended up winning over $850 tonight. A great night after the turd that was last night.

10:02 PM

Blogger StudioGlyphic said...

Pixar movies are usually pretty great. And I really liked Brad Bird's last animated feature, The Iron Giant. Try watching the "rampage" sequence with the sound off and Black Sabbath blasting while stoned. Um, I have no idea what would happen if you did that.

1:17 AM

Blogger Blu said...

I took a date to "The Incredibles" because she wanted to go. I liked it very much. How are the 5/10 tables treating u?

7:21 AM


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