Monday, November 15, 2004

Why Can I not win Every Single Night

Well I have composed myself after last night. I must have really let the LAG get to me!

My wife calls me today and says “So, how did you do last night”
“Not too bad. Was not a very good night!”
“Did you lose everything!” .
“No, Just $150”.

My wife would be happy if I blew my Bankroll. She does not share my enthusiasm of Poker, and does not believe I can make 4K a month playing 5/10. I have no proof yet, but I think it is probable. She may change her tune if she sees this happen.

Now back to me. The world revolves around me you know. I am disappointed about two things from last night. The first is letting the LAG get to me. It is REALLY hard to control yourself when a LAG goes on a 1K run taking a good chunk of change from you with 43o vs AA. Sorry. It happens. I need more restraint. Cosmic justice was good last night as be busted out. This does not always happen.

The second is how bummed out I was with losing. I am over it now. I cannot stand to lose though! I figure I should never have a losing night. Right? . It was a good run for 5 days, but it is inevitable that bad days will come. In the scheme of things this was not even particularly bad. I know I am going to have weeks where I cannot win. It is part of the game. So be it. I have grown a lot in the area and yet have a ways to go. One day I hope to get away from results oriented sessions. I intend to go out there tonight, play my “A” game on some ten-sided tables, and win a lot of money. Tomorrow’s headlines: Best Day Ever! If it does not happen then so be it but that is my plan for each and every day.


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