Sunday, November 14, 2004

First Losing Night

I had a REALLY bad night. It was however improved by Logan9. Name changed to protect the stupid. The guy was up to 1K on a run of 10 hands where his LAG ass hit EVERYTHING! I on the other hand was getting my ass handed to me with good cards. I basically was almost down 2 buy-ins at one point. However Logan helped me out a lot. He bet 74o to the river, and my 10 high beat his 7 high! Ha! Give me that eighty bucks! He did it a few more times too! It was fun. As I type this he is down to 200. He really put me off my game. You really needed to become a calling station against him, but sometimes that sucks! I really have decided I hate playing short handed. You have to loosen up, but how much? It is really tricky to figure out sometimes. I hope in the future I can find 10 sided tables more often, and stay away from the six sided. WAY too much variance when any two cards are in. You also need to be VERY aggressive which is hard for me. Anyway I ended up down $150, the LAG busted out. A very disappointing night in general. I am more dissapointed by some of my play during the night than anything else. Some bad hands really set me off. Need to control the emotions! Sleep time. Tomorrow is another night.


Blogger BadBlood said...

I hate when there's one player at the table playing so poorly that you have to change your own style of play just to combat his idiocy.

Then it's tough to get back into your true game after he leaves.

5:45 AM


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