Sunday, November 07, 2004

Off the ropes and punching hard

Not much Poker on Saturday. The wife dragged me out to something called a “Progressive Dinner”. As far as I can tell it means going to Progressively nicer houses and eating food! So I get to feel bad about my house, but at least I get stuffed! Not a bad deal.

I decided to shave my Goatee for the weekend. It had been getting a bit thin on the left side, and I wanted to shave it and try and grow it in again. I hope it works! So I look really weird. I mean nobody has seen me without a beard since way before my wife married me. I think it has changed my luck on the tables, like Johnny Damon, so I might have to keep it shaved! Heh.

The first stop – Appetizers! Zang! I love them! I love sushi. It is a whole meal made of appetizers! How can you beat that! Now I am not a very social person. It is hard for me to hear in loud situations because I am deaf in one ear, so I never really became social. Besides that I am a nerd and we are generally not very social. Something about people bigger than us picking on us. Well FU Mr. Football Jock turned Highway Department Garbage Man! Watch me drive by in my BMW! Ok, So I do not own a BMW, but you get the point. BTW - No offence to any garbage men reading this. The first person my wife decides to socialize with is a republican. Now this was probably a given as our town is 99% republicans. Our idea of “Affordable Housing” is about 700K right now. Lucky I bought in a few years ago! So I just bite my tongue and nod every once in a while. Maybe I smiled too. Maybe. He was actually a nice guy for a republican! Ok. Ok. A lot of republicans are nice. The apps were great. We then swapped houses for soup/salad, dinner, and desert! All in all it was a nice night. Not too many trophy wives. I think I am disappointed.

Sunday consisted of a trip to the zoo. We finally got there late in the afternoon and had a good time. Elephant, Bears, and Pigs oh My! Finally I was able to hit the tables. I have kept to the really tight style and it has finally paid off tonight. Not sure if it is just the cards hitting or my selections, but I am doing well. Dropped my VP$IP to 19.20, a few decimal points lower.

Some nice hands. Been playing a table for a while. Got J-10 s000ted in Middle position! I own this table. You know, what I was describing last night. The flop was a nice QKx. I bet it out instead of being a wimp. I bet it down to the river even thought I missed my straight. The wimps all folded on the river! Scary! But yeah, gimme my $50!

Anyway pretty solid play. Nice tight pre-flop. Some aggression post-flop, but not enough, as usual. It will be along time before I get my .89 aggression rating over 1.5 or 2.0. *sigh*. Chased a couple of hands. Over all solid play for me. A personal best $190+ at a single table. In addition a personal best night of +$507 playing two tables! Sweet! Hmm.. Maybe Venetian was right and I just did not see it. Either that or it’s the beard!


Blogger ToddCommish said...

Well, I'M a nice Republican.

Kind of.

I think.

3:20 PM

Blogger StudioGlyphic said...

I know a few nice Republicans. Todd's not one of them, but yeah, they're out there. ;)

6:09 PM


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