Friday, November 05, 2004

Stages of Advice

I want to thank Poker Nerd AKA The_Venitian for his advice. I am going to take it to heart. Please visit Missives from a Degenerate Underachiever (his Blog) also. I do not think I am THAT loose – VP$IP: 20%. It was 21% at 2/4 and 25% at ½! So please do not worry toooooo much for me! Heh. Like Poker Tracker says I am SLIGHTLY loose over 20,000 hands and getting tighter all the way.

I want to say something about advice. I am the type of person, like many I think, that wants to become an AEWSOME Poker player. The way you become better at the game is to play, to read, and to get advice from people. I also go through stages with advice.

Initially the advice might hurt a little. You might get defensive. What do you mean I am not playing WSOP level Poker! Screw you! What the hell do you know loser! I mean I am winning, right? I must be doing something right. I will set him straight! (Two Blogs and six messages later you are done ranting, heh)

The next stage is the doubt stage. Well, maybe he is right? Oh my God! I Suck so badly! I know nothing! When they talk about fishies they are really secretly talking about me and snickering behind my back! I am the comedy break portion of their Blog reading for the day! There is a reason I am on their buddy list!

The final stage is looking at what the person is really saying. The people who read this Blog, and the people who have been playing this game A LOT longer than me actually do know something. After 2600 hands at a level I know a little, but probably not as much as I think. At the very least there is some nugget of wisdom to retrieve out of the advice.

I do think I could benefit from going back from sLAP to TAP and even the dreaded TAA when I figure out what that last part really means! I was always saying that once I get to a level where the competition is tight I would tighten up again. I am going to experiment with it for the next 2000 hands or so and see what happens. At the very least I will probably lose less on the bad nights. I REALLY appreciate Poker Nerd taking his time and making me think. As always I will keep you all up to date on my progress.


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Ha. I laughed at the doubt stage.

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