Friday, November 05, 2004

Playing Slightly Loose

I want to clarify my question about playing looser. I am not saying I am playing A3o or really loose hands. SSHE has the very tight play which makes you play almost nothing in EP because the chances of a raise afterwards make the small pocket pairs and lower (T9) s00ted connectors less attractive.

I have been playing the looser suggestions. The looser suggestions are basically moving most of the hands you would play in middle position into EP. On the tables I am playing on there is not alot of pre-flop raising, people are calling A3 to the river if it hits an Ace, and it seems like there is more money to be made playing a wider range of slightly loose hands. I am not saying I went crazy and played every flop. That would just be stupid.

I am thinking about going back to the really tight suggestions and playing more tables as a way to make the same amount of money, and try and avoid some of the nastier hands I have been involved in. I am not sure if this is the right move or not. Playing tighter obviously is not going to HURT anyone's game, but you could be leaving alot of money on the tables. Money not taken is money lost! So anyway.. I am pondering and will probably do some experimenting.


Blogger Donkeypuncher said...

I haven't read SSHE, but I've read Winning Low-Limit Hold'em (Lee Jones). It's pretty solid - breaks down what you should play based on position and how many people are in the pot (and if it was raised). He recommends at times playing even 45s in late position. I can't take it that far, because as I said, I have problems getting away from flops that I've hit.

10:38 AM

Blogger Poker Nerd said...

Following up on my last comment, I'm even more sure that you probably need to stop, take a breath, and maybe cut back to one table for a night or two.

Try this: one table with the Poker Tracker gametime window open and stats constantly refreshing (if you need help setting this up, there are ways to do it out ther on the Web, or feel free to shoot me a message). Watch the players and react to them.

I'm afraid what's happening is that you're seeing the occasional bad play by an opponent and attributing it to the entire table being loose. This is generally not true. At good 3/6 games (and there are many bad as well), you'll find one or two super-looseys and a couple more mild-looseys. The rest are generally playing well, though they may be too passive pre- or post-flop.

To truly crush this level, you need to have enough information to play the same hands differently versus different opponents. Know whose blind you can raise pre-flop and who'll call you down with any pair. Who'll check-raise and who won't.

Start with one table. It'll feel like information overload as you try to get a solid profile on each of your opponents, but it gets easier. Then, move to two tables.

And, finally, know when to jump ship and move to another table...I've caught you playing with average pots of $25-30 on 3/6. Those are NOT loose tables.

Don't think no one's watching you. Bloggers like to protect their own.

11:06 AM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

Poker Nerd -- Good Post. I respect the opinion and will take it in mind. You might be right about the loose call. Although some nights it seems like EVERYONE at my table sucks! Hitting their gutshot straight draws every time! lol. You are probably right that I am taking money from the looser players and giving it back to the tighter ones.

What do you consider a good night at 3/6 playing two tables? Excluding last night I have been around $100 per night. Only about 3000-4000 hands so could be short term variance.. not sure. The BB/100 and BB/HR are in line also.

Anyway thanks for the advice. If you ever feel like reading a sessions worth of hands and giving some more specific advice let me know. I would be interested in another view.

I have been trying to read players more often lately. I know I probably could get free reads off of them by using PT better, but I have sometimes called a player to the river to see what kind of hands he is betting with, how he plays, is he bluffing, what hand does he think is worth 3-Betting. Table selection is a bad one with me. I just sit at the first free one. heh.

11:35 AM


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